Boulevardier, the new speakeasy in Bogota by Four Seasons Hotels

Boulevardier, the new speakeasy in Bogota by Four Seasons Hotels

For lovers of clandestine places, Boulevardier opened in Bogotá, located inside one of the architectural jewels of the capital, the Casa Medina hotel. A bar specializing in whiskeys and classic cocktails, operated by Four Seasons, one of the leaders in the global hotel industry. The opening was this past October the 5th.

The bar is stated be one of the best kept secrets in town, because they are exclusive, they are a portal in time where the borders between the present and the past are blurred, creating a space to temporarily disconnect from reality, as stated by Paula Gamboa, director of Sales & Marketing of Four Seasons Hotels in Bogotá.

“We are for the locals, the well-known, for those from the neighborhood, but we are also for those who have traveled a long way looking to find an authentic and sophisticated experience in Bogotá. We are for those who know how to treat themselves, for those who value things well done, for those who look for quality in the details”, said Gamboa.

The objective was to create a real bar in Bogotá that would be in one of the best areas of the city and could attract local clientele. Given the architectural characteristics of the hotel, they managed to find an intimate and sophisticated place that served to capture their idea and its entire environment inspired them to focus on making it a speakeasy bar, like those from the prohibition era.

Cocktail connoisseurs know that the name Boulevardier comes from the famous Negroni cocktail. The classic recipe calls for equal parts bourbon whiskey, sweet vermouth, and campari, an Italian bitter.

The Boulevardier cocktail has gained quite a bit of popularity in recent years and has become a valued option for lovers of classic and sophisticated cocktails.

“The main inspiration for this project was the Gatsby era, an ode to aesthetics and the good life. Ornate textures and finishes that refer to the collective dreams and fantasies of the 20s. We are the mysterious aura complicit in unforgettable nights. We extract elements of the Art Deco characteristic of this decade. We decided to abstract these elements to represent a space where you can find unprecedented enjoyment, novel and nostalgic at the same time; inviting our guests to be the protagonists of the abundance and grandeur that we have to offer”, explained the director of Sales & Marketing of Four Seasons Hotels in Bogotá.

At Boulevardier, visitors will be able to find a menu that features 11 signature cocktails, including aged, refreshing, and other concoctions. 7 of these contain whiskeys or bourbons and present a palette of flavors for any occasion. In addition, they have cocktails with classic spirits such as gin, vodka and rum that complete the offer. The names are inspirational from the prohibition era.

“Of course we have the emblematic cocktail of the place that is the Boulevardier with a modern and avant-garde twist using the best ingredients and aged in an oak barrel, for a unique experience. This cocktail is the Vintage Boulevardier”, pointed out Paula.

The menu also has a selection of 11 finger foods, 3 dessert options, such as mini desserts and the ones that stand out are the truffled baskets, the crab croquettes, the bacon bites and the burgers with caramelized onions with whiskey.

Currently, Boulevardier is the bar of the Four Seasons Casa Medina hotel in Bogotá - a Canadian hotel chain that opened its first hotel in 1961. Today it has more than 126 luxury hotels in 50 countries around the world thanks to its continuous innovation and exclusive dedication to the highest standards. It is considered one of the leaders in hospitality and has succeeded in redefining luxury for the modern traveler. With this new opening, they hope to be the best bar in Bogotá and position themselves as such. Likewise, they aim to participate in the 50 best.