Brown's Hotel London Unveils Renovated Kipling Suite

Brown's Hotel London Unveils Renovated Kipling Suite
The original Kipling Suite has been merged with the Albemarle Suite and reimagined to form the largest space now available to guests of Brown’s Hotel. Named in celebration of the English author Rudyard Kipling, who wrote The Jungle Book during one of his many stays at Brown’s Hotel, the suite features personal touches from the hotel’s illustrious history. The Kipling Suite is the first of the ‘Forte Suites’ to be unveiled by Rocco Forte Hotels, part of the newly launched Rocco Forte Suite Experience programme of benefits for guests.

Olga Polizzi and her talented team have designed a new entrance lobby for the suite, which leads into the bedroom and the beautifully proportioned Kipling sitting room. With floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, views over Mayfair’s Albemarle Street and the use of English wallpaper and fabrics by designers Lewis & Wood, as well as silk curtain fabric by Manuel Canovas and furniture by Julian Chichester, the hotel’s location is central to the suite’s design. Authenticity is at the heart of Rocco Forte Hotels and was fundamental to the redesign of the new suite. Of the project, Olga Polizzi says: "Like all of our rooms at Brown's Hotel, we designed the Kipling so you can feel that you are in London. This will be a grand classical suite of great comfort with a combination of antique pieces and contemporary designer items. The English theme carries on and is maintained as in all our rooms at Brown's Hotel with English wallpaper, fabrics, colours and objects.”

Kipling Suite bathroom

Upon walking through the new double door entrance to the renovated suite, guests’ eyes are guided to a number of antiques hand-picked by Olga Polizzi: a 1940s Alabaster pendant light is complemented by two antique Italian decorative side lights; classic small-scale wallpaper by Lewis & Wood is the backdrop to a pair of duck egg blue glass table lamps with applied motifs, positioned atop a traditional console table.

Olga Polizzi has maintained the original plaster features of the Kipling Suite sitting room and has sourced new timber flooring to run throughout the suite. A new luxurious hand knotted rug, additional seating, sofa and chairs, have been added to create more comfort in the enlarged space. The pièce de résistance: a framed hand-written letter from Rudyard Kipling, penned and sent during a stay at Brown’s Hotel. This piece of literary history will intrigue guests, adults and children alike, and will give a glimpse into the world of the great British author.

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