Bucket List Places to Visit in Western Australia

Bucket List Places to Visit in Western Australia

Australia is famed for its long stretches of coastline and year-round sunshine. It is a country with unique landscapes, natural treasures, and wonderful visitor experiences. Despite this, Australia is one of the driest countries on the planet, and as a result, a large majority of the population lives around the coast. It is the driest continent, second only to Antarctica, and the only continent with a single country. Ready for an adventure? You could be on your way to see Western Australia's highlights and hidden gems .

Highlights & Hidden Gems in Western Australia

Western Australia is the continent's largest state, accounting for one-third of the continent's total land area. White-sand beaches, granite formations, and aboriginal sites are just a few of Western Australia's highlights and hidden jewels. 

  • The Kimberley Peninsula 

The Kimberley is an Australian wilderness region with spectacular canyons, fauna, swimming holes, and road adventures. You can fly through the Bungles Bungles, view the horizontal falls, or explore the natural features like dinosaur footprints and mangroves. At sunset, you can even ride a camel on the beach. 

  • Ningaloo Reef

This is one of Western Australia's hidden beauties and a haven for aquatic life. You can either swim with the whale sharks or take a glass-bottom boat tour of the reef without getting wet. The Sal Salis is an ideal location for gourmet meals with a view of nature. You can also swim with humpback whales and go fly fishing in the ocean.

  • The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles are located in Nambung National Park, which is located north of Perth. The structure is built of limestone that formed some 30,000 years ago when coastal winds blew away the surrounding dunes. It has a link with the Aboriginals, notably the ladies of the clan. The locals believe that the tower was built by the spirits of men who were punished by the gods for visiting a desert that was solely meant for women.

Other than the locations listed above, Western Australia boasts a plethora of amazing sights. You have the option of visiting Kalbarri National Park, Valley of the Giants, Wave Rock, Coral Coast, WA, or other fascinating Places to visit in Australia.