Building Wealth: Learn Why Owning Real Estate Is Key to Getting Rich

Building Wealth: Learn Why Owning Real Estate Is Key to Getting Rich

Owning the first home is typically the initial investment people make in real estate. Once they own a house, they recognize the value of investing in property. If you're ready to build wealth for the future, learn why owning real estate is the key to building wealth today and tomorrow.

Cash Flow

Renting rooms, apartments, and houses is a way to maximize your investment in real estate. If the rental income exceeds the mortgage and expenses on the home, the landlord gets monthly cash from owning Chicago Luxury Real Estate. Increased cash flow can be used to invest in additional properties to earn more profits. It's easy to see how one property can be used to help you own several and earn multiple streams of income every month.


Real estate typically appreciates over time, depending on the location and description of the property. While there are buyers and seller’s markets, real estate usually winds up being worth more than you invested within a few years. As the property increases in value, it gains equity as an asset. The price you paid for the property is deducted from its current value to determine how much this asset is worth to you. Home equity loans tap into this value so homeowners can use this cash immediately.

Depreciation and Tax Advantages

While depreciation is considered to be a problem by many, there are also advantages to it when it comes to paying taxes. Owning property opens up a variety of doors when it comes to tax breaks. Smart property owners consult with an attorney and CPA to find out all the possible tax benefits associated with owning, renting, and selling real estate. Consider other factors, such as multiple property owners, that impact tax advantages.

Owning Makes a Difference

Many millionaires claim their fortunes came from owning real estate. Most of them recommend buying over renting to immediately put your money to work for you. Living in a home is inevitable, and owning it means you are gaining equity in the investment every month you are there. While you do not have to take care of maintenance on a rental property, you are not building an asset for your future. The money spent on rent is better spent owning your first property so you can start investing in more properties.

The Power of Forced Equity

Forced equity is a strategy to ensure a property has value over time. An example is purchasing a fixer-upper and making repairs to the home. A house that needs repairs is sold for less than its value because the owners might be unable or unwilling to tackle the renovations. The new buyer takes on the problems with the hope the repairs will be affordable enough to gain instant equity in the home. Often doing it yourself is the way to save money on these projects and gain the most equity in your real estate investment.

People will always need a place to live, work, and conduct business. When you rent these properties, someone else is benefiting from your money. Put the money you have to work for you by purchasing real estate. Make smart investments to gain equity in your property and continue investing in real estate to build wealth for today and for the generations of the future.