Bulgari Hotels and Maxalto Cocktail Party By Diva Group

Bulgari Hotels and Maxalto Cocktail Party By Diva Group
All Bulgari Hotels (currently London, Milan and Bali and coming up in Shanghai, Beijing and Dubai) are designed by famed architect Antonio Citterio who is also designer of Maxalto's luxurious pieces of furniture. Not surprising that all Bulgari Hotels are furnished almost entirely in Maxalto pieces. Diva Group replicated the hotels last night by adding signature Bulgari accessories and by reproducing the hotel's signature suites and accents. No detail was spared, including the showroom's fragrance given by Bulgari's signature the' blanc scented candles, art pieces and a beautiful black and white video featuring the Hotel's luxurious properties. In the spirit of the Hotel's always perfect customer service, guests were greeted with a warm welcome by Diva Group's team and as the evening concluded they found a surprise thank you card in their luxury vehicles.

From 6PM to 7PM the Maxalto showroom was open for a private viewing to top clients of Bulgari's Rodeo Drive boutique, accompanied by Bulgari's store director Adrienne Lee. From 7 to 9PM the Maxalto showroom was open for a group of 250 select VIP (elite travellers, fashion influencers and more). Bulgari Hotels & Resorts Global Account Director Roselle Roces along with Diva Group's publicist Hanane Thompson selected 3 winners among all confirmed attendees to enjoy complimentary stays at Bulgari Hotel Milan, London & Bali.

Guests included: Shannon and Gene Tweed, Lorenzo & Lilla Soria, Actress Jennifer Tilly, Social Media Influencer Marta Pozzan, Italian Model and Actress Elisabetta Canalis with husband Brian Perri.

More information: www.divafurniture.com / www.bulgarihotels.com

Photo credit: Todd Williamson