Bulgari Returns to Hotel Cala di Volpe with Exclusive Jewelry Show

Bulgari Returns to Hotel Cala di Volpe with Exclusive Jewelry Show

Bulgari starred in an exclusive event at the Hotel Cala di Volpe for the second year running. In the iconic venue, owned by Smeralda Holding and emblematic of the Costa Smeralda, a magnificent evening of beauty and luxury took place on Wednesday, August 2nd. The world-famous brand chose the stunning location of the Matsuhisa at the Cala di Volpe, one of the most striking spots on the Costa Smeralda.

On the Cala di Volpe boardwalk, a fashion runway was staged, showcasing around forty of Bulgari's High Jewellery creations, and accompanied by a live music performance by singer Gina West.

The soul of each and every Bulgari High Jewelry creation is captured in the vivid colors, vitality and in the sparkle of the exquisite gems that are the very hallmark of the Brand's style. Through its innovative approach to the cut and colour of its stones, Bulgari charts a truly unique creative path in the world of High Jewellery. Emblematic of its distinctive style are the magnificent polished and curved shapes of the cabochon cut. In the Rome workshop, the skillful hands of the Maison's goldsmiths give life to creations that are genuine one-of-a kind works of art, the result of exceptional expertise and savoir-faire. The latest offering from the unparalleled excellence of the master goldsmiths is the Mediterranea Collection, first unveiled in Venice last May. Harmony, eclecticism and syncretism are the keywords of this collection that captures the essence of the Mediterranean in a celebration of its beauty and splendor. It combines Eastern and Western cultures, Byzantine and Roman nuances, makes references to the heritage of North Africa, as well as the architecture and natural landscapes characteristic of the Italian regions bordered by the ‘Mare Nostrum’.

The models walked the runway wearing unique Haute Jewelry pieces from the Serpenti and The Color Journey collections.

Since its debut in the 1940s, Serpenti, Bulgari's most iconic design, has continued to demonstrate its ever-changing nature and its unstoppable power of transformation year after year, evolving from the original stylized versions of Tubogas to more modern interpretations, always alluring and enchanting through its sinuous lines and discernible beauty. Bulgari's Serpenti Collection celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2023.

Exhibited in just four locations worldwide, one of which is Porto Cervo, The Colour Journey collection marks the third venture after the first chapters dedicated to Tourmaline, Paraiba and Spinel. The series celebrates the exuberant delight of colored jewels and is now discovering the feminine and contemporary nuances of Kunzite and Morganite. Both discovered at the dawn of the 20th century by the American mineralogist G.F. Kunz, these stones sparked Bulgari's imagination and its ability to create new, powerful and ever captivating color compositions.

Exclusively for this very special occasion, Bulgari also showcased a selection of their marvelous Heritage Collection jewels, a unique collection and priceless asset of the Maison, which, through the marvelous creations created over decades (beginning in the 1920s and 1930s) tells the story of the brand's roots and its fascinating stylistic evolution.