Buying Authentic Rolex Watches – Your Complete Guide

Buying Authentic Rolex Watches – Your Complete Guide

Rolex is one of the most iconic luxury brands in the world.  It’s closely associated with exclusivity, power, and success.  Rolex watches also command a significant investment, both pre-owned and at retail.  As you can imagine, Rolex has also fallen victim to increasingly sophisticated counterfeit watches.  Some are much easier to spot, while others can fool even the most experienced watchmakers, making buying a pre-owned Rolex somewhat intimidating, especially if you’re a novice collector.  But fret not. We’ve compiled a quick guide on how to tell if you have a fake Rolex. Don’t waste your time or your money, for that matter.  Read this guide before you buy.

Rolex Quality

Most of Rolex’s manufacturing process is done in-house.  That includes the dials, bezels, cases, bracelets, hand-set gems, movements, and even metal finishes forged in Rolex’s foundry.  By keeping production in-house as much as possible, Rolex can control the quality of every aspect of their inventory to ensure the highest quality possible.  Each watch is meticulously crafted, taking about a year to complete.  With that in mind, most fake Rolex watches won’t come close to the quality of a genuine watch.  If you’re able to examine the timepiece in person, it should be relatively easy to determine if the watch is fake because authentic Rolex watches have a heftier weight, while fake watches often feel lightweight, flimsy, and cheap. Read more about this here.

The Seconds Hand

Another easy way to determine if a watch is fake or not is to take a close look at the second’s hand.  Genuine Rolex watches powered by automatic movements feature a sweeping seconds hand that gradually and smoothly makes its way around the dial.  Many fake Rolex watches use quartz movements, which give the seconds hand a jerky motion.  The rigid seconds hand will also often be accompanied by a ticking noise - another huge red flag.

The Cyclops Magnifier

Many Rolex watches feature a magnifying Cyclops lens over the date window.  This feature is tough for counterfeiters to copy, making it easier to determine the watch’s authenticity.  On a genuine Rolex, the Cyclops lens will magnify the date 2.5x, with the numerals filling up the entire lens.  The watch is fake if the date remains the same size under the lens.

The Serial and Model Numbers

Every Rolex will have the serial and model number engraved on the case underneath the band.  The Rolex serial numbers are deeply engraved and are crisp and well-defined, never blurry or smudgy in appearance.  The serial number is located on the side of the case at 6 o’clock or the inside of the bezel on newer models, while the model number is always located on the opposite side of the case next to 12 o’clock alongside the distinction “Original Rolex Design.”  If any of these markings are missing, the watch is not genuine.

Buy From a Trusted Reseller

Above all else, always shop with a trusted reseller.  While it’s still important to arm yourself with as much knowledge on the watch as possible before you buy, reputable sellers, such as Bob’s Watches for example, will do all the hard work to ensure the Rolex is genuine before selling it to anyone.  Bob’s Watches also has each watch certified pre-owned by an independent third party, giving you even more peace of mind when investing in a coveted Rolex.

It's true that there are trustworthy sellers on other platforms, such as eBay and Craigslist, but it’s best to steer clear of those options anyway.  They often don’t offer fully insured shipping or money-back guarantees.  In those cases, you’re out of luck if the watch is fake or gets lost in the mail.

Now that you know how to spot a fake Rolex, you’re well on your way to making a smart investment.