10 Reasons to Visit Capri

10 Reasons to Visit Capri
Top 10 Reasons to visit Capri:

1. Perfect place to spend your honeymoon. Capri is second to none for romance in the Mediterranean.

2. Breathtaking sunsets and absolutely amazing views of the moon, especially when it comes up from between the Faraglioni Rocks and goes from yellow to pale orange to white, white, white. It's difficult to describe -- you have to see it to believe it!

3. Fantastic view over the Amalfi Coast and the Island of Ischia.

4. A stroll through Anacapri's narrow streets and white houses leads to the Blue Grotto. Swim in the famous Blue grotto and visit the Faraglioni Rocks.

5. Villa Jovis: Most famous name to have actually lived on Capri is, of course, Roman emperor Tiberius. One can walk among the ruins of the Villa Jovis, the largest of the 12 villas that the emperor is said to have built for himself there.

6. Beauty of the flora. May is probably the most stunning month to admire the island's nature.

7. Mediterranean cuisine & gastronomic delights.

8. Anacapri with its local craft shops, Capri town with its fashionable designer shops.

9. Celebrity watching.

10. The open-air concerts at Villa San Michele in summer.

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