Carneros Resort and Spa Launches 'Little Seedlings' Program in Time for Spring Break Travel

Carneros Resort and Spa Launches 'Little Seedlings' Program in Time for Spring Break Travel

Carneros Resort and Spa – the 28-acre luxury resort nestled in Napa Valley’s picturesque wine region of Los Carneros AVA - invites the littlest of guests to participate in the ultimate spring break experience with the introduction of the “Little Seedlings” program. As proud stewards of the miles of rolling vineyards and pristine landscapes surrounding the resort, Carneros is inviting guests of all ages to foster a real and meaningful connection to land via the recent addition of the signature Culinary Garden, which offers an array of herbs, fruits and vegetables, plus its very own chicken coop, aptly named, “The Chick-Inn.”

Kicking off this month and running through the duration of the spring season, the program is designed to perfectly encapsulate the family-friendly offerings at the resort, while inspiring kids of all ages to get their hands dirty and connect with nature in a curated way that’s wholly Carneros.

An ideal escape for discerning families, Carneros Resort and Spa features 100 free-standing cottages, suites, and homes with private backyards ideal for movie and game nights, plus an inviting outdoor family pool and Bocce Ball courts for hours of entertainment for the whole family. Enhancing these inherently family-friendly offerings, guests of Carneros Resort and Spa can now partake in the following additional activities via The Little Seedlings Program:

di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art Partnership 

Curated by neighboring di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art, Carneros Resort and Spa offers Kids’ Camp, designed to foster a love of art and nature, in the charming outdoors of Carneros Resort and Spa. Sample activities will include tours of the Chick-Inn, garden-side nature drawings, and natural dye paintings.

Reserved for ages 5 to 12, the camp will be offered the following dates from 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.:

  • April 2, 2022
  • April 9, 2022
  • April 23, 2022
  • April 30, 2022

For more information about this exceptional camp and di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art, visit

Little Green Thumb Tour 

The Little Green Thumb Tour takes young guests and their families on an exploration throughout the resort’s new Culinary Gardens where they will learn about how nutritious fruits and vegetables are grown, why that changes each season, and how they are used in various foods that many people enjoy. In addition, guests of the Little Green Thumb Tour will make a special stop by the Chick-Inn to feed the chickens and learn more about their function within the Culinary Gardens. As a memorable keepsake, guests will be gifted organic carrot seeds to start their own culinary garden at home.

For more information on the Little Green Thumb Tour offered every Sunday from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m., please visit

Palate Play

Food and beverage pairings aren’t just for adults at Carneros Resort and Spa. Palate Play invites the youngest of food enthusiasts to enjoy a tasting for the senses with curated food and drinks designed to be enjoyed alongside their parents. Through this immersive culinary experience, the resort will provide a thoughtfully curated picnic menu inclusive of kid approved treats - such as PB&J, animal crackers and Pirate’s Booty- all perfectly paired with a drink designed to draw out the flavor profiles of their favorite snacks.  Whether guests choose to pair their PB&J with a black cherry soda or go with a classic combination of Ham & Swiss with organic apple juice, Palate Play teaches kids to think about how beverages enhance the flavors of food while keeping their bellies full.

For more information on palate Play, please visit

Cozy Cottage Nights 

At Carneros Resort and Spa, families are invited to partake in a good old-fashioned game night with the resort’s exclusive Cozy Cottage Nights offerings. Families are encouraged to utilize the expansive outdoor patio space offered in the resort’s cottages and enhance their stay with treasured game board classics. The Game Nights Package is $75 and includes a $100 food and beverage credit to be used toward Cottage Dining or local wine from the in-room wine dispenser for the adults to enjoy. After a night of friendly competition, families are also invited to wind down their evening of nostalgia and add on some sweetness with a Fireside S’mores Kit, perfectly curated for use in their own cottage backyard fire pit and settle in with an outdoor movie or stargazing.

For more information on Cozy Cottage Nights, please visit

Welcome Scavenger Hunt  

Explore the resort’s rolling vineyards with a welcome scavenger hunt, including stops along the way such as the Chick-Inn, Vineyard Lawn, Coop Boutique, Town Square, and Otto’s Pool. Carneros Resort and Spa implores adventurers and explorers alike to utilize their critical thinking skills, solve clues, and participate in activities that are sure to spark creativity. After the hunt is completed, guests will be rewarded with a prize ready for pickup at the Market.

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