Carry Less, Enjoy More: Here's Your Laid-back Luxury Safari Guide

Carry Less, Enjoy More: Here's Your Laid-back Luxury Safari Guide

Getting to plan for a luxury safari happens to be an exciting experience. In all fairness, getting an opportunity to go on a luxury safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that needs to be savored. It is something that cannot be experienced by everybody. Luxury safaris have been gaining momentum across the world in recent times. Every adventure seeker must experience a luxury safari at least once in his/her lifetime.

These safaris offer you ample opportunities to explore the wild side of things. You’ll get to treat yourself to some breathtaking scenic beauty. The mesmerizing view of a waterfall is the one to savor.

But planning for a luxury trip in Africa isn’t an easy task. Many travelers (mostly first-time visitors) make this mistake of carrying a lot of things with them. As a traveler, you need to make sure that you are prepared for just about anything and everything.

Here are five things you need to keep in mind before booking a luxury safari holiday

1 When to Go? 

If you wish to go on a luxury safari trip across the African continent, then you need to ascertain the right time. Usually, adventurers travel to this part of the world in late autumn and winter. Winter is the perfect safari season for you if you wish to ensure privacy. The summers are usually packed as a large number from Europe and other parts of the world land in Africa to enjoy a memorable experience. Therefore, late autumn and winter months are ideal for you if you wish to stay away from the crowd.

2 Where to go?

Yes, this part is important. You need to decide which region you want to visit. Also, it is always a good idea to stay away from Malaria-causing bacteria. The Southern and eastern regions of South Africa don’t have malaria-causing mosquitoes. Furthermore, these regions have some luxurious settlements. You can travel here if you want to stay away from all the trouble.

  1. Most importantly, what to pack? 

First of all, leave your perfume, high heels and all those fancy outfits at home. Packing for your safari holiday isn’t all that easy. You need to be able to decide what goes into your backpack and what doesn’t. Here’s a list of things you’ll be requiring:

  • Sand-colored clothing is great if and when you go hunting
  • Remember to carry your sun hat, sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Take your comfy walking shoes along
  • Don’t forget the medications and your multi-purpose ointment
  • A camera happens to be a must (make sure you carry a few extra batteries)
  • Binoculars cannot be left behind
  • A bathing suit
  • A flashlight (Will come in handy while traveling in the dark)
  • If you are traveling during winter, then pack some warm clothes
  • A survival knife (it’s a must)
  • Carry a battle belt. It can be used to keep all of your frequently-used accessories, such as binoculars, survival knife, etc.
  • Carry your smartphones and make sure they are sufficiently charged. Carry a few additional batteries and/or power banks in order to keep yourself covered.
  • Target Tamers - to help you find the perfect optic for your outdoor passion, be it shooting, tactical or wildlife observation.

Make sure you carry exactly what you need. Having too much luggage will only add to the weight. Carrying too much weight on your back can leave you depleted and drained. Make sure you fill your bags wisely.

  1. Where to stay?

You will find luxury resorts near the safari game reserves. These resorts and/or lodges are located at a considerable distance from the game reserve. You can hire a transport to travel to and from the resort. Many of the luxury resorts provide you with state-of-the-art facilities, such as:

  • WiFi connectivity
  • Air conditioning
  • International dial telephone
  • Fitted international adapters
  • Private minibar
  • Hairdryer
  • Electronic safe
  • A luxury bathroom with a bathtub and shower
  • A private pool
  • Indoor fireplace
  • A dining area and lounge
  1. How to Travel?

Almost all of the  luxury lodges for tourists give access to private vehicles and charter flights. You need to check this out from the hotel or lodge beforehand. Also, you can arrange your own vehicle in order to stay on the safer side of things.

  1. Which Language to use?

A lot of languages are spoken by people across Africa. Fortunately, you will find people speaking English, but as you go deeper into the woods, you might not find English speakers. Don’t worry. You will find fluent English speakers in the luxury lodge you book. Many of these safari resorts also provide private guides.

So, your luxury African holiday is waiting for you. Make sure you make the most of this luxury experience. Get your packages booked right away if you wish to enjoy the wild in style.

Happy vacationing!