Catro Faros: Holiday Villas to Rent in Galicia, Spain

Catro Faros: Holiday Villas to Rent in Galicia, Spain

Situated on the Atlantic coast and close to the Portuguese border, the beach town of Sanxenxo has been entertaining tourists for years. The beautiful beaches, together with wider Galicia, offer you the perfect combination of places to visit, things to do, and plenty of time to top up your suntan and relax.

Let’s take a closer look at all that this beautiful part of Spain has to offer.

Galicia Accommodation for Spanish Holidays

There are several Galicia accommodation options open to you, but by far the most luxurious and best option is to stay in a Galicia villa. They are spacious, have everything you could ever want, including private swimming pools, digital entertainment, and feature panoramic ocean views. Some even offer you that little bit extra with hydromassage showers. Luxury personified many like Catro Faros villa have beautiful beaches just a ten-minute walk away.

If you want to get a flavour of where you can stay visiting Galicia Villas is a good move. Here, you can see the options and make an informed choice.


Galicia is blessed with beautiful white sand beaches that face the Atlantic Ocean. Each beach offers something unique. You can choose from good nightlife options, beaches to relax and catch some sun or partake in water sports. Here’s a snapshot of what the beaches offer.

  • Silgar Beach – This is Sanxenxo’s flagship beach, and this is where many come to enjoy the excellent and lively nightlife. As well as bars and clubs, there are unique places to eat. Some restaurants overlook the port.
  • Baltar Beach – Baltar beach is the starting point for boat trips to the Cíes and Ons Islands. As such, the beach can become quite packed with passengers waiting to cross. This has led to some great places to eat and enjoy the day or participate in water sports.
  • Montalvo Beach - Located in the place of the same name, it has a lenght of 1.00 metres with swell that allows us to enjoy the practice of nautical sports (surfing, bodyboarding, …).  At the top of the beach there are sand dunes with extensive vegetation that separate the beach of the area of the pine grove,  equipped to prepare barbecues,  meals and snacks. Near the beach, there are several campsites, hotels and restaurants, and it provides all kinds of services.
  • Areas Beach – This beach is not a hidden gem but is reachable by several villas in Galicia. For many that stay in villas, this beach is only a few minutes away, and many come and enjoy the white sand it offers. Good food and drink are close by so you can make a day of it.
  • Foxos Beach – Close to Areas Beach, Foxos is a great spot to enjoy the tranquillity of the waves.
  • Canelas Beach – Canelas Beach is known for its fine swimming thanks to the large stretch of beautiful sand that meets the ocean.
  • Caneliñas Beach – Thanks to the rocky backdrop this beach is often used on a windy day as the bay provides a natural shelter from the wind. If you like snorkelling, this is the place to come.

Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park

One place you have to visit is the UNESCO protected Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park. This is comprised of four islands that have been protected since 2002. They are Cortegada, Sálvara, Ons and Cíes. Due to most of the park being protected to preserve the delicate ecosystems, only Ons and Cíes can be accessed by visitors.

Within the archipelago, the islands are home to over 200 species of algae which provide the perfect breeding conditions for fish and molluscs. Many species thrive in the surrounding sandbanks, lagoons, and reefs.

Rare birds are often spotted together with the odd dolphin, porpoise, seals and on some occasions whales.

Galicia Tours - Ons and Cíes

To get the most out of your holiday in Spain, there are many excellent tours and excursions you can enjoy. Due to the delicate ecosystem, the park restricts the maximum number of visitors to 2000. As such, it is a good idea to book your tour in advance to avoid disappointment. There is one to suit your taste and here is a snapshot of the most popular ones.

Snorkel on Cíes Island

With so much activity happening under the water, why not take a look at it for yourself. Providing you can swim you can book a tour giving you around three hours of water time where you can see the life beneath the waves.

Scuba Diving in Portonovo, Cíes Island, Ons Island

If you are over 16 why not try scuba diving and enjoy the delights beneath the waves close up. The better tour operators can introduce you to a whole new world. You can try scuba diving for the first time at Portonovo, Cíes Island, or Ons Island.

Hike and Explore

Hiking and exploring the islands is another option to enjoy. From here, you spot the rare species of birds and exciting sea life, and you can see the restricted areas of the archipelago close up. Seeing the world from the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park gives you a perspective and a sense of how ecosystems work.

As well as these options, wider Galicia has some amazing historical wonders that have to be visited. Book your villa today and start getting excited about your Galicia holiday.