Cayo Espanto Provides Luxe Wellness, Nature & Culinary Experiences

Cayo Espanto Provides Luxe Wellness, Nature & Culinary Experiences

Recognizing that travelers will be looking to escape and indulge in a natural setting in 2021, Cayo Espanto has integrated a wide range of programming that provide guests the opportunity to become immersed in tropical enjoyment set to their pace. Indulgences in culinary, wellness-focused, adventure, family fun and more are all available to travelers to the island.

“With millions of Americans looking for ways to indulge in a natural setting and detox from the past few months, we feel it is important to provide a superior range of options for guests of all ages to choose from,” said General Manager David Benzaquen. “Our island’s tropical landscape and seclusion lend way to travelers experiencing the ultimate escape. We specialize in customizing each stay to best fit the preferences of our guests and look forward to providing a much-needed break from the everyday.”

Underwater, on land and in between

Hiking through the Mayan ruins, exploring the Belizean jungles, snorkeling through the world’s largest living coral reef system, and more are some of the adventurous offerings Cayo Espanto coordinates for guests during their stay. A wide range of activities off the shores of the private island and throughout the mainland of Belize are sure to create unforgettable escapades for active travelers. For those who prefer to never leave the island during their stay, kite surfing, kayaking, SUP paddle boarding and more can all be enjoyed directly along the shores.

Family fun in paradise

The resort’s ability to tailor activities based on guest preferences enables families to ensure all members of their traveling party has the time of their life. Fishing lessons on a private dock can be enjoyed by some while others indulge in a tropical spa treatment set to the sounds of the Belizean waters followed by everyone recounting the great experiences of the day while gathering to watch a movie under the stars. Compromising is unnecessary when staying on a private island. Strong WiFi and private docks attached to spacious villas, also allot for extended virtual work/school stays to provide a much-needed paradisal change of scenery.

Unique health and wellness

A lush tropical landscape, cool ocean breezes and calming sounds of the surrounding Belizean waters, set the scene for the ultimate wellness getaway. Cayo Espanto provides guests with the option to not only refuel and recharge on a beautiful island but to also add components of private yoga, forest bathing, hydrotherapy, spa treatments and specialized menus to help each traveler feel refreshed and revitalized. Additionally, Cayo Espanto offers guests the opportunity to enjoy a digital detox. Travelers can opt to go without their phone or personal devices for part of or their entire time on the island.

The importance of culinary

Authentic and fresh cuisine takes on a whole new meaning at Cayo Espanto. The resort’s on-island chef and absence of a communal restaurant or dining space enables guests to have their fill of ingredients that are freshly sourced from local suppliers and hand crafted with their dietary restrictions or allergies in mind. Having a personal chef on the island also allows guests the freedom to decide they would like to switch from refreshing juice to decadent dessert at any moment. An afternoon picnic made from fresh ingredients directly from the surrounding waters, private cooking classes under the palm trees and more are all possibilities when it comes to dining experiences at the private island resort.

“Our on-island team is well-equipped to provide each guest with healthy doses of extraordinary wellness, nature, service and dining experiences during their time on the island,” continued Benzaquen. “The ideal blend of incredible beauty and easy access to some of the most beautiful wonders in the world lends for the refreshing getaway travelers are craving.”

Cayo Espanto provides the unique experience of customizing the private island getaway to fit the activities, dining options and overall travel itinerary for every guest. The resort offers a safe and secluded destination to refuel and recharge. For more information on Cayo Espanto or to make a reservation, visit or call 888-666-4282.