Celebrate Being Green at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji

Celebrate Being Green at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji
The award-winning resort has been lauded for its commitment to sustainability – from guest amenities to employee initiatives, the resort goes above and beyond when it comes to eliminating waste and preserving its Fijian environment.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is one of the most renowned and environmentally friendly vacation destinations in the South Pacific, offering spectacular ecological exploration, relaxation, understated natural luxury, and warm hospitality in the traditional Fijian style. Located on the island of Vanua Levu and built on 17 acres of a former coconut plantation, all of Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort's operations and management practices are guided first and foremost by consideration for the environment. The resort is always looking at new ways to reduce its carbon footprint while, at the same time, providing guests with an enriching luxury experience.

The Fijian people have flourished for more than three thousand years by living off the natural bounty that surrounds them, and Jean-Michel Cousteau and his team of conservationists believe modern society can learn a lot about achieving a sustainable environment from the Fijians. Requiring sustainable fishing and agricultural practices, the resort does not permit reef fish or threatened species when selecting seafood for its dining menus. The resort's landscaping features a large number of indigenous fruit trees – including mango, papaya, lemon, lime, guava, pineapple, passion fruit, breadfruit, and coconut – which are irrigated using recycled water from the resort's wastewater treatment plant. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is home to an extensive organic herb and vegetable garden that is meticulously cared for by the staff and provides the resort's kitchen and bar with fresh produce for guests. The culinary garden also benefits from the composting of green kitchen waste. The resort's full-time Fijian naturalist/marine biologist, Johnny Singh, guides Bula Club (kid's club) outings, providing a delightful educational experience for children. Johnny also teaches the resort staff and at local schools.

Additional sustainable practices at the resort include:

- Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort was the first resort in Fiji to recycle paper and plastic and, in the process, set up a recycling program for the entire town of Savusavu

- Usage of a water reclamation plant

- No air-conditioning

- Usage of solar panels on water heaters for some bures (traditional thatched Fijian guestrooms)

- Usage of timber from certified forests for construction

- A coral farm, created to assist the reefs by utilizing local corals that have been broken naturally from the parent colony and have very low chance of surviving without this help

Setting the standard for what has become a rapidly growing sector in the tourism industry, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort brings together five-star luxury, renowned Fijian hospitality and ecological exploration – a unique offering for intrepid and discerning travelers seeking a new way of connecting with the planet and its cultures.

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