Celebrate Earth Day with Sustainable Travel by Red Savannah

Celebrate Earth Day with Sustainable Travel by Red Savannah

Now more than ever, it is extremely important for us to be conscious of the ways we are positively impacting the Earth. Luxury travel company, Red Savannah, is taking the steps to be the change with this Greenland Discovery itinerary.

Greenland Discovery

Explore the dazzling, isolated realm of Greenland with majestic icebergs and glaciers. The beauty of the region highlights the Inuit cultures that have inhabited it for so long. Stay in spectacular and sustainable wilderness camps and embark on intrepid adventures.

This environmentally friendly journey begins in Nuuk with a stay at Camp Kiattua and ends at Ilulissat with a stay at Disko Bay Camp. Both camps are removed at the end of the season and leave no trace of their presence. Most food is foraged or sourced from the immediate vicinity. Numbers of guests are incredibly low and locals/indigenous peoples are involved in all activities, benefitting the local economy and providing a sustainable model.

The itinerary aims to:

  • Leave no trace of any camp
  • Positively contribute to small communities and their way of life
  • Employ and train, locally
  • Work with local suppliers and providers
  • Create Net Zero experiences
  • Use only biodegradable toiletries, cleaning products and paper
  • Say no to single use plastics
  • Host only small groups
  • Strive for low impact luxury
  • Be transparent

Image credit: Greenland Camp Kiattua at night, copyright Arctic Nomad