This hotel lets you uncover the Maya Megalopolis

This hotel lets you uncover the Maya Megalopolis

On the heels of the groundbreaking Maya Megalopolis discovery, Ka’ana Resort is offering a travel package designed to give guests a behind-the-scenes look at the ancient civilization, which until now, had been lost beneath the jungles of Belize and Guatemala.

This experiential vacation in San Ignacio, Belize, will have guests trek through three different archaeological sites—Tikal, Cahal Pech and Xunantunich—and tour via helicopter the Fernando Paiz who founded the organization that led to the discovery.

Adventurers will appreciate Belize’s raw beauty while staying in one of the city’s most luxurious and culturally rich resorts. They’ll gather for storytelling of Maya myths and legends, take part in traditional Maya cooking classes and interact with a handful of staff who actually descended from the Mayans themselves.

This is all made possible by the visionary hotelier at the helm of Ka’ana, Fernando Paiz, one of Central America’s most knowledgeable and famous Maya preservationists. As president of La Ruta Maya Foundation, Fernando has made returning ancient Maya artifacts to their country of origin his life mission and is showcasing his most prized pieces to the public at Ka’ana.

Proceeds from this package will be donated to the foundation in support of Fernando’s ongoing mission.