Chartering a Yacht is no longer just for the Ultra-rich

Chartering a Yacht is no longer just for the Ultra-rich

SeekSail aims to democratize the yacht charter booking process and make yachting more affordable for more than just the ultra-rich.

Made popular by the hit show ‘Below Deck’, most people view the show and believe yachting is only for the über wealthy, with superyachting as the only option to spend a fantastic holiday on the high seas.

SeekSail offers charters in locations all over the globe, but specializes the majority of their vessels in yachting hubs like the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. From charters spanning from a bareboat charter to a luxury crewed motor yacht, SeekSail provides a wealth of options available to customers.

CEO and Founder Alain Augsburger’s aim is to democratize and reshape the perceptions around the yachting industry to make yachting more accessible for families, groups of friends, or sailing enthusiasts keen on being on the water without breaking the bank.

SeekSail provides an easy booking process, route planning assistance, and personalization on your specific charter to make your charter as personalized to you as possible.

Image: Motoryacht Riva