Château Saint-Martin & Spa Unveils New Innovative Art Experiences in Provence

Château Saint-Martin & Spa Unveils New Innovative Art Experiences in Provence

Château Saint-Martin & Spa, an Oetker Collection Masterpiece Hotel with French Palace distinction, has always been a place where art and culture thrive. New for Summer 2023, the hotel is now offering guests exclusive access to innovative art exhibitions and experiences in collaboration with celebrated artists, Agnès Sandahl and Marilyn Vergne.


Renowned painter and ceramicist, Agnès Sandahl, has long found inspiration at Château Saint-Martin & Spa and is currently exhibiting several unique pieces in the hotel’s art gallery. Influenced by the region’s heritage and the artists who have famously roamed the neighboring village of Saint-Paul de Vence, such as Picasso, Braque and Cocteau, Agnès Sandahl has developed a color palette employed across her works that is inspired by the Château’s Provençal atmosphere. The artist’s soothing and refreshing hues feature a harmonious blend of Mediterranean blue and the verdant green of nature. The exhibition showcases large-scale paintings and ceramic plates in a show of captivating color underpinned by the artist’s abstract vision. Guests may also admire Agnès Sandahl’s ceramic works while dining at the Michelin-starred Le Saint-Martin restaurant, where her presentation plates adorn the tables. Each piece is unique and individually handcrafted by the artist. This summer season, Château Saint-Martin & Spa offers visitors the chance to explore the Agnès Sandahl gallery in the heart of the historic pottery town of Vallauris. Guests are invited on an exclusive private tour of the gallery and studio, followed by a ceramics or painting workshop with Agnès Sandahl herself. An unforgettable experience and a truly unique opportunity to experience a master artist’s work and talent up-close.

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In the bustling atmosphere of the Montpellier School of Fine Arts, Marilyn Vergne awakened to art in all its forms, but it was through touching clay that she felt the echo of her passion. In the workshops of the city of Paris, she immersed herself in the secrets of ceramics, discovering techniques that nourished her artistic soul. For thirty years, her love for clay has always guided her, infusing each artwork with timeless magic, vibrating with poignant poetry. Now, guests of Château Saint-Martin & Spa are invited to the heart of the historic city, in an authentic and warm setting to dive into creativity during a guided ceramic workshop led by the skilled hands of Marilyn Vergne to create a unique and personalized work of art. Every Thursday and Friday afternoon, guests can delve into this fascinating art for two hours. These sessions take place in the magnificent gardens of Château Saint-Martin & Spa or in Marilyn’s unique gallery, the “Hang’art” in Vence. This enriching experience is available at a rate of €50 (currently approx. $54) per person.