Chenot Palace Weggis Set to Open in Switzerland

Chenot Palace Weggis Set to Open in Switzerland

World renowned Chenot announce the opening of the world’s most advanced wellness destination, Chenot Palace Weggis, set to open on June 1st this year on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland – an area boasting fresh air, sweeping mountain views and an astonishing number of healthy spring water sources. Offering the ultimate union of Chinese healing and Western medicine, blending state-of-the-art medical technologies, Chenot Palace Weggis promises a harmonious balance between body, mind and soul through their integrated, science-based approach to wellness.

Spanning 5,000 sq. metres, the spa at Chenot Palace Weggis is a full-service integrated medical retreat that epitomizes holistic wellness at its pinnacle. Offering 360° approach with state-of-the-art diagnostics, a complete range of advanced medical screenings and bespoke treatments complimented by a curated nutrition plan as part of the Chenot Diet, programmes are carefully integrated in a holistic and systematic manner known as the Chenot Method®.

The vision of Chenot is to unlock human potential by increasing mental and physical performance at any age. There are three signature programmes on offer, each with a targeted approach and promise of world-class results - Advanced Detox, Recover & Energise and Prevention & Ageing Well. Guests will have exclusive access to leading scientific technology, world-class doctors and the comfort of a luxury hotel setting, all designed for the sole purpose of complete mental and physical renewal through recovering energy, strengthening resilience to stress and improving metabolism. Experienced practitioners in every area of wellness will also be on hand to aid guests on their journey, including specialists from internal, preventative and anti-ageing medicine, sports medicine, traditional Chinese healing, and medical aesthetics.

All programs begin with in-depth medical and nutritional consultations along with state-of-the-art diagnostics. The advance medical screening tests of the Chenot Method®, are focused primarily into understanding the individuality of the person and its current status of optimal health and wellness. With the measurement of "Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers®", they assess the impact of a guest's wellness from the way of living and lifestyle and allow the personalization of the regime. The spa treatments, the detoxification techniques used, the activation of the energy channels, the stimulation of physiological functions and the diet plan, these are all harmoniously combined to trigger preventive, repairing and regenerative actions.

Considered one of the wellness movement’s most pivotal founders, Henri Chenot was one of the first to talk about “successful ageing”, believing that the answer to a long and healthy life lies in the correct combination of genetics, lifestyle and environment. The Chenot experience goes beyond detoxing or fasting - it’s about a healing force that drives cells into a new state of wellbeing. The extensive range of treatments at this oasis of wellbeing are complemented by the Chenot Diet nutrition plan which consists of fresh, wholesome, non-processed and organic ingredients with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-glycating and alkaline properties.

In addition, Chenot Palaces offer the most comprehensive facilities in the Chenot portfolio including a world class metabolic and sports laboratory, an in-house blood analysis laboratory, a whole body cryochamber at -110C, antigravity technologies, an altitude chamber, ultra-modern area, a 21-meter indoor swimming pool and four dedicated sleep rooms specially made with technology to create a natural sleeping environment and optimize rest.

A seven-night minimum stay at Chenot Palace Weggis, including one of the extensive Chenot wellness programs starts from 8,030CHF (approx. 6,750 GBP) per person. Reservations can be made via