Cheval Blanc Courchevel's Le 1947 Restaurant Awarded Three Michelin Stars

Cheval Blanc Courchevel's Le 1947 Restaurant Awarded Three Michelin Stars
Cheval Blanc Courchevel thanks Yannick Alléno who, since the inauguration of Le 1947, has been revolutionizing gastronomic codes with unprecedented experiences as well as a resolutely modern cooking style, echoing the values of the LVMH Group: creativity, craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit, in a constant quest for excellence.

This third star honours the work and bold creativity of Yannick Alléno and the team of Cheval Blanc Courchevel. Since Yannick Alléno's 2008 arrival to Le 1947, he has executed a cuisine in which flavors and taste are at the heart of every dish. Yannick Alléno takes further inspiration from the diversity of local Savoie ingredients to refine his menu. For example, a signature dish of the season featured Bone Marrow Roasted Pike with Black Pepper and Vin Jaune, gathering the essence of the region's lakes and winter markets. The pike is roasted on a marrowbone, garnished with a butter-veiled cabbage leaf, spinach purée and accompanied by a millefeuille of spinach, Maviar and Arctic Char gravlax.

Yannick Alléno, Chef of Le 1947 restaurant, Cheval Blanc Courchevel:

“I feel an immense joy and I thank the Michelin Guide for the support it shows us with this new distinction. The restaurant is a marvelous setting; it is truly up there where modern sauces are born. I am delighted for Monsieur Arnault, with whom our group shares his fundamental values of excellence and creativity. Thank you as well to the teams at LVMH Hotel Management who have supported us since our first day in this crazy gamble to reinvent French cuisine. An enormous bravo to Gérard Barbin whose work ethic and consistency are exceptional, bravo to all of you and thank you.”

Olivier Lefebvre, Head of Hotel Activities at LVMH et President of Cheval Blanc Courchevel:

“We are honored to have been bestowed with this award, recognizing our ten year quest for excellence and innovation. We share this joy with Yannick Alléno and the teams of Cheval Blanc Courchevel, who we warmly thank for their efforts and commitment.”

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