Choosing an Air Charter Service Provider

Choosing an Air Charter Service Provider

Hiring a private charter flight will have you traveling private safely in style, at comfort and affordable rates for business and pleasure. Chartered flights do not follow a regular airline routine; hence, you get to tailor your requirements and enjoy ultimate flexibility because you operate on your schedule. On arrival, you don't wait on the conveyor belt since the crew brings your bags straight to you. Here is an overview of figuring out a suitable charter service provider for your next trip.

1.    Price

The larger the plane, the more expensive the hiring cost. Hence, the price might tempt you to go for a smaller aircraft. While saving money, you compromise comfort, convenience and privacy in the process. If flying for the first time, choose the on-demand charter where you pick a private jet for a specific trip for a one-off price. However, you can also access them through private jet cards, and partial ownership. The cost of an on-demand private jet charter depends on the type of aircraft, flight distance, airport landing fees, and time between flights, aircraft availability.

A plane booked for a flight and needs to fly from another airport may require returning to the home base first without a passenger. If you fly frequently, consider owning a jet card or account to enjoy fixed hourly rates and guaranteed availability.

2.    Number of Passengers

Pick a plane that can comfortably accommodate your entire crew. Smaller jets take two to four people, whereas bigger ones carry up to sixteen. Remember to note people who will join you at different places.

3.    Range of the Jet

A small propeller aircraft is efficient for short to mid-range distances. A small jet for mid-range trips and city journeys. The commonly used is the medium jet with larger cabins and luxurious facilities. Also, there are the long-range private jets meant for long trips and have more cabin capacity. A regional airliner suits commercial travels; the cost per seat is similar to the commercial airlines. It can carry from 15 to 150 people. A light jet will reach your destination easily, although it needs to refuel for longer trips, affecting travel times and routes. Therefore, choose a provider with various jet ranges.

4.    Features and Amenities

Private planes have luxurious lounges with stuffed recliner seats to please traveling VIP guests and executives. The cabins are big enough for comfortable legroom and more room for luggage. Some have high-speed internet, which is necessary for corporate travelers who work onboard, more crew members to attend to you, a bedroom with flat king-size beds for rest and relaxation; they also have master en suites. They have complete bathroom suites for guest comfort; you can take a shower before your meeting or in the hot climate. Moreover, their kitchens stock fine foods and beverages.

You can choose to bring in your chef and request their best meals. If you spend your time doing business, some aircraft have equipped conference rooms, for personal entertainment are widescreen televisions, DVD players, ambient lighting, and wireless technologies. Thus, ensure you go for the provider with additional services for maximum comfort.

5.    Safety Standards

An aircraft’s maintenance, the pilot’s experience, and training are vital for traveling private safely. Get proof that the company is authorized to offer flights to the public. The certificate shows each aircraft the company operates, with registration and serial number at the tail. It is important to know how long they have been operating, although that doesn't mean new planes aren't safe.

Always put value first, not price. Go for a company that offers a hard quote, meaning every expense is accounted for except for ground transportation, catering, and phone use. Older aircrafts charge less and are as safe when maintained well, only that they have fewer amenities and dated interiors.

6.    Best Charter Services

For small and medium-sized airlines with no attendants, the pilot must be skilled to offer customer service. It is imperative to have cabin crew members trained on larger planes to tailor your experience. Besides the crew, in traveling private safely, a company should provide a replacement aircraft in case of mechanical issues. You, as the client, should not be stranded in case the trip doesn’t go as planned.

An experienced company offers stability and quality services. However, it may cost more to access highly trained pilots, cabin attendants, dispatchers, and maintenance personnel who ensure you get exceptional services.

Private jet charter offers a lot of opportunities and are easier to find and book through online searches. They even fly to smaller cities and towns. Mostly, you don't need ground transportation to board because private airports are situated near the town. You enjoy VIP treatment throughout the journey, from tarmac road to special menus, access to WIFI, and even movies. Therefore, pick a service provider that matches your requirements.