CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa Launches Happiness-Boosting “Joyful Journey” Program

CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa Launches Happiness-Boosting  “Joyful Journey” Program

Nestled high in the breathtaking Sonoran Desert, CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa is launching its new signature wellness track, “Joyful Journey.” A recent study from the Institute for Positive Research revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic caused the largest dip in happiness levels of Americans in 50 years. In fact, 97 percent of respondents felt happier when planning a vacation and 71 percent showed greater levels of joy to have a trip planned within six months. Leveraging the serotonin-boosting benefits of travel, CIVANA’s “Joyful Journey” is ideal for anyone in the process of or seeking to make lasting positive changes in their life. The new wellness track – launching July 1, 2021 – enables guests to connect with their happier, healthier selves through more than 10 unique wellness experiences including joy-inducing fitness classes, science-backed workshops, interactive culinary demos and more.

Honoring the resort’s commitment to “happiness first, healthiness always,” CIVANA's “Joyful Journey” enlightens guests on what it means to connect with one’s happy state of mind through stronger body, mind, and soul connections. This program complements the resort’s personalized – yet flexible – wellness experiences that have dubbed it a lauded “playground of wellbeing” for intrepid travelers. Each element in the wellness track is thoughtfully designed to create an impactful experience. Guests will depart with defined practices that will enable them to continue to grow the good that lasts in their brain and in their life.

Sample “Joyful Journey” wellness experiences include:

  • Ecstatic Dance: Explore the connection with the physical body through this meditative and joy-inducing dynamic movement practice.
  • Stress Relief & Happiness: The Power of Scent: Scents are proven to improve mood and productivity, triggering feel-good endorphins and serotonin. In this 60-minute workshop, guests will put their noses to work, creating an exclusive elixir of essential oils.
  • Rebound: An intense (but fun) beat-based, sweat inducing, low-impact trampoline class that is both mentally and physically challenging.
  • The Habit of Happiness: In this interactive and transformational workshop guests will explore how they can hardwire their brain for happiness through meditation, journaling and positive psychology.
  • Sound Healing for Joy: Adult bodies, made up of 60% water (a great conductor of sound vibration), can become places of healing with the right environmental sound vibrations. Allowing harmonious yin sounds to lead to a nurturing state of relaxation, guests can tap into the familiar state of joy reminiscent of the womb. This customized experience creates the vibrations of love, joy, and soothing sounds to enhance a state of regulation and healing.
  • Adaptogens 101: From mood-boosting ashwagandha to stress-soothing cordyceps, you’ll learn everything you wanted to know about adaptogens. Explore how these buzzy herbs and plants work alongside easy recipe ideas through an inspiring 45-minute interactive talk and tasting.
  • Vibe & Flow: Vinyasa is a mindful practice linking breath and movement to help you flow through each posture with intention. In this music driven practice, you will flow along to tracks from varied genres. This one-hour class is held in a dark, candlelit space with no mirrors to encourage you to turn your focus inward and explore your individual practice.

Apart from “Joyful Journey,” guests at CIVANA can leisurely experience more than 10 daily, distinct, wellness classes, a plant forward approach to eating well, and healing spa treatments.

To ensure peace of mind for guests, the resort continues to implement enhanced health and safety measures including wellness checks upon arrival, social distancing, thorough sanitation protocols, and more.

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