CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa Taps Into Emotional Wellness

CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa Taps Into Emotional Wellness

As summer months near and travel continues to ramp back up, it’s the perfect opportunity for travelers to start planning their next getaway. With wellness at the forefront of travel trends, there’s no better time to focus on one’s mental health and emotional wellness — and CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa is the perfect place to do just that.

Located in Carefree, Arizona, CIVANA is more than just a modern, approachable wellness destination. CIVANA’s new “A Path to Connection” package combines the resort’s commitment to “happiness first, healthiness always,” while offering new curated wellness experiences that create a safe place to explore vulnerability.

Designed for couples, friends and loved ones, the powerful wellness journey allows guests to reconnect, realign and release limitations together.

Highlights of the package offerings include:

  • Authentic Connection: A Couples Workshop - Learn tools to create deeper connection and intimacy in any relationship
  • Conscious Breathwork - Access non-ordinary realms for healing and spiritual growth
  • human BEING - Explore all elements of life through the lens of mindfulness.
  • Journaling for Transformation - Utilizing meditation, visualization, and journaling, forge a new path ahead and set an intention to commit to change