Clean Air at Home Becoming a New Luxury Nowadays

Clean Air at Home Becoming a New Luxury Nowadays

“Just breathe” people often tell you, as though the act of breathing were some panacea that makes everything and anything better again. In moments when we are flustered, agitated, or confused, we pause to slow things down a bit and take deep breaths. This is said to activate the parts of our brain that stave off anxiety.

In yoga, the practice of pranayama, modifying one’s breath using specific methods, is said to help us attain a variety of health benefits. However, have we ever stopped to think about the quality of the air that we are breathing, its actual effect on our health, and the consequences thereof?

Air purification systems, like the Holmes air cleaners described by Mark Johnson, are quickly becoming the new trend in ensuring people in homes and organizations have fresh air to breathe.

How Safe is the Air to Inhale?

In 2018 the World Health Organization released data that demonstrated that nine out of ten people on the planet breathe polluted air.

Breathing polluted air can result in several health risks which consist of premature death, asthma attacks, cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, susceptibility to infection, lung tissue swelling and irritation, low infant weight, coughing, and shortness of breath.

A good oxygen concentrator can provide relief for most people with breathing problems. For example, it may improve people's ability to do daily activities and maintain their independence while managing lung cancer symptoms such as shortness of breath and fatigue.

Airborne bacteria, viruses, dust, and other micro substances, once inhaled regularly can contribute to the deterioration of our health.

What Are Some Common Causes of Pollution?

The major causes of air pollution include industry, the inefficient use of energy, farming, and transport spheres, coal power plants, waste incineration, and deforestation.

These areas require collective effort for us as humanity to counteract, which necessitates the involvement and regulation of pollution by civil society, governments globally, and big corporations.

Though these solutions are aimed at clearing the air outdoors, many new interventions are aimed at clearing the air indoors where it is estimated that most people spend most of their time.

How Can We Make Air Safe to Breathe?

What are some of the measures people and industry take to make the air that we breathe safer?

A new trend of air purification is taking the world by storm with hotels, gyms, and households employing methods to ensure physical health and general comfort. Breathing fresh air has become a luxury that individuals and organizations have begun to invest in, and for good reason.

Choice air filtration systems extract dust, particles, and other harmful substances from the air that are far too small to be seen by the human eye.

Luxury Hotels Adding Clean Air to Their Offering

Luxury hotels all over the world are offering clean air as an elite benefit. The Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, the Cordis Hotel in Shanghai, and the Taj hotel in India are just a few deluxe hotels that have launched air purification systems as part of their offering.

Wining & Dining in Fresh Air

Examining trends in the mining sectors, restaurants and coffee shops have taken to installing air purifying systems as well as introducing a lot more greenery into their facilities by way of varieties of flora.

These plants serve the double role of providing décor as well as offering guests a supply of clean air. The Segev Kitchen Garden in Israel, the Openaire in Los Angeles, and the Potting Shed in Sydney Australia are all fine dining restaurants that have integrated mother nature into their offering to heighten their customer experiences.

Home Air Purification Systems

Many homes are investing in air purification systems to benefit the health of their families. Having an air purification system in the home ensures that the air is free of harmful substances and makes it easier to keep the house clean.

Air purification systems reduce the risk of airborne diseases, relieve allergies, lengthen life expectancy, ease asthma symptoms, remove odors, encourage good quality sleep, and improve overall wellness.

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern living, the concept of clean air at home has transformed from a basic necessity into a sought-after luxury, driven by the growing awareness of its profound impact on our well-being. The escalating concerns over air quality have ignited a global movement towards ensuring that the air we breathe within our living spaces is as pure and invigorating as the natural world.

Holmes Air Cleaners

In this modern age, air pollution is contributing to individual unease. Air filtration systems on the market make it easier to sleep at night knowing that your breathing needs are taken care of.

What are some of the factors to take into account when considering what the best air purification system is for your family and home?

Some aspects to think of are what size purifier you require, what features you need it to have, where to place the purifier in the home and how much maintenance the purifier will need.

Find a purifier that is right for you. Before making your decision, have a look at the Holmes air cleaners offering to choose the air purification system that’s best for you.