Coffee Gator - Delicious Coffee, Minimal Effort & Eco Friendly!

Coffee Gator - Delicious Coffee, Minimal Effort & Eco Friendly!
Coffee Gator are known for their high-quality coffee making accessories, allowing us all to enjoy barista level coffee, from the comfort of our homes. The Pour Over Coffee Maker is part of their ingenious range and doesn’t disappoint.

Every aspect of the Pour Over Coffee Maker shouts quality, from the contemporary design to the delicious end result. But this isn’t just any coffee maker, Coffee Gator have really focused on the details to provide a product that stands the test of time. The unique pour over method highlights every note and aroma radiating from your premium coffee beans, for a truly delicious brew.

Haven’t you always wanted to experience barista style coffee at home, without the hassle of a long process and using multiple tools? The Pour Over Coffee Maker ensures the whole process is effortless, providing more time to enjoy the greater things in life!

So how does it work? This premium Coffee Maker uses a slow, steady stream of water that at the right temperature, makes the best use of natural aromas, oils and flavors from your coffee. It provides a cleaner taste in comparison to the fresh press method, is less dangerous than a stovetop percolator and offers a whole new level of taste compared to the typical machine drip coffee maker. So make the most for your favorite coffee beans, and use the Pour Over Coffee Maker to ensure the best quality and best tasting coffee around.

This handy coffee maker not only provides great taste, but also helps the environment too! Many coffee makers use paper filters, which you have to buy and throw away time and time again, but not the Pour Over Coffee Maker! In a bid to help the planet, Coffee Gator have designed a later-cut filter crafted from steel that you can reuse, saving you money while being eco-friendly. The innovate steel filter also retains all the delicious flavor and oils that a paper filter would usually take away.

So put your trust in Coffee Gator, a brand with a real passion to create only the best in coffee making accessories. Other high-quality accessories in their range include the Canister and Pour Over Kettle.

For an effortless, yet delicious cup of coffee, turn to the Pour Over Coffee Maker, available online from Coffee Gator in 400ml (3 cups) for $24.97.