Color Star Technology Makes Metaverse Superstars With Innovative Color World Application

Color Star Technology Makes Metaverse Superstars With Innovative Color World Application

While recent studies have revealed that 43 percent of surveyed adults are living out their childhood dreams through their chosen professional occupation, some elementary school-born aspirations – like becoming a famous sports star or in-demand actor – have much smaller odds of coming to fruition than more traditional trades like medicine or teaching. Now, Color Star Technology Co Ltd (NASDAQ:CSCW) is rewriting the script of what’s possible through its new metaverse application, Color World, which is posed to turn the world’s wildest dreams into attainable possibilities upon its end of January 2022 launch.

Previously known for its global take on educational courses, which saw legendary athletes like Iker Casillas and Shaquille O’Neal teach 40-minute courses alongside music superstars like Machine Gun Kelly and Wiz Khalifa, Color Star’s newest venture looks to bring this same celebrity-laden ideal straight into its own innovative take on the metaverse.

Users will similarly have the opportunity to forge their own path to stardom within the Color World metaverse, bringing their elementary school dreams to life throughout the virtual world. High fashion hopefuls can design their own garments and display them for public purchase within the Color World’s full-scale shopping mall, giving platform users the chance to become the burgeoning space’s most in-demand designer and deck out their virtual avatar in their self-designed threads. Entertainment industry aspirants can throw large-scale concerts to entertain friends and other Color World users, gracing the same virtual stages as Color Star’s high-profile partners like Ashanti and making a name for themselves throughout the growing space.

While Color World may offer a fantastical approach to the metaverse, the revolutionary platform was developed with the hopes of translating directly into the real world as well, similarly featuring robust money-making opportunities within the internal Color World ecosystem. Business meetings can easily be held within the Color World’s vibrant virtual environment, and friends and family located far away from each other can easily catch up over a beverage at Color World’s coffee shops – a major asset given the social distancing and travel regulations brought on by the covid-19 pandemic.

“I want to have a social responsibility to make the new virtual world support real life,” said Color Star CEO Capetian, tapping into his own expertise in the realm of software and artificial intelligence to help develop Color World into a comprehensive experience. “It’s not only about playing the game.”

With major plans in-store to have Color Star’s roster of superstars perform in specially curated events both on and offline, the buzz has been steadily building about the Color World and its celebrity-laden metaverse ahead of its 2022 debut, finally turning global users’ long-term dreams into a bona fide virtual reality.