COMO Metropolitan London Introduces 'Vacation for the Soul' Weekend Workshop

COMO Metropolitan London Introduces 'Vacation for the Soul' Weekend Workshop

The complex relationship between mind and body has been studied for centuries. It is now widely accepted that our minds — thoughts, feelings, emotions and ambitions — play a huge role in the biological functioning of our bodies. In the same way, how we treat our physical body — what we eat, how much we exercise, our posture — can impact our mental state.

Having a deep mind-body connection is therefore critical to optimal wellbeing. But with the pressures of modern day living — a 24-hour email culture, the constant presence of social media, lack of sleep, long hours at a desk — it is easy to see how mind and body can become untethered.

That is why COMO Shambhala is running a two-day ‘Vacation for the Soul’ workshop on October 6th and 7th 2018 at COMO Metropolitan London, led by energy master Per van Spall. The workshop is suitable for everyone, especially those facing emotional and physical frustrations.

The weekend workshop’s holistic focus is designed to teach you how to deepen your mind and body connection through balancing your intuition and intellect. The goal is to impart

smart and effective ways to deal with life’s day-to-day challenges, without disrupting your mind and body function. This will be partnered with practice in Qigong exercises, yoga, meditation and massage, as well as one-on-one opportunities with Master Per.

During a one-on-one session, Per utilizes the magnetizing energy in his hands to intuitively locate and reduce mental, emotional and physical blockages in the body, which contribute to stress, instability, fatigue and health ailments. Restoring internal alignment and balance alleviates these issues and fosters a renewed sense of peace, clarity and vitality.

Per will also be available for private sessions from October 1st to 14th at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape. Each session is priced at £250 (approx. $326).

About Qigong Master, Per van Spall

Per van Spall is a certified master in the art of Qigong healing – a branch of traditional Chinese medicine designed to unblock, free and balance ‘chi’, or energy. He uses a personalised, gentle approach of body-mind guidance to promote physical wellbeing, spiritual growth and emotional healing. He has a deep understanding of both Western rationalism and Eastern spiritualism, facilitating a comfortable, supportive introduction to energy healing.