How does Condor Yachting offer private boat tours tailored to your needs?

How does Condor Yachting offer private boat tours tailored to your needs?

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to be by yourself and away from the crowd? 

Ditch the big tourist places and the screaming of kids. This is a moment where you hear water ripples at a yacht as the sun warms your skin and the crew takes care of you. 

Get ready folks, because with Condor Yachting, it's not just about sailing, it's about curating one-of-a-kind experiences designed just for you. 

Condor Yachting tailor-made tours

Scrap the rigid schedules and tours where you are just treated like a number. Condor Yachting dedicates itself to creating tailored yachting tours to make all your wishes come true.

Here's the beauty of it all: you are your own boss during vacation. Do you already have a desired goal? Maybe a secluded corner for a couple in love or a thrilling adventure to colourful coral reefs with biodiversity? They will work very closely with you to translate your ideas and dreams into reality by coming up with the most well-planned details that will not leave anyone with dull moments.

Of course, if you're feeling a bit lost at sea (figuratively speaking!), their expert team is here to guide you. They have an indigenous understanding of the secret bays and hotspots and they will not hesitate to offer recommendations that suit your tastes and sentiments.

Whether you are a fan of the adrenaline rush of water sports, a day of tranquil relaxation on the beach, or a cultural discovery of charming seaside communities, they will arrange an itinerary full of activities for you to enjoy along the way. With Condor Yachting, the only limit is your imagination – so set sail and prepare to be amazed!

Can I customize the tours that they already have on their website?

While Condor Yachting prides itself on crafting bespoke adventures, they know sometimes pre-made itineraries hit the spot perfectly. Their website boasts a treasure trove of curated tours designed to tantalize every taste bud. One of their most popular pre-made tours currently is the Paklinski Islands tour

As you can see in their description of the tour, there are a lot of fun activities that will be happening on this tour. But what if you’re not interested in one of its activities? Like, let's say you do not want to go to Brač after Paklinski Islands and just want to stay on the beach and chill. That’s what Condor Yachting’s customized tours are for!

The beauty of these pre-made tours is that they're just the starting point. Feeling the need to personalize your experience? No problem! Condor Yachting encourages you to add a sprinkle of your own magic.

Fancy extending your stay on a secluded beach on the Paklinski Islands for some extra sunbathing? Let them know! Dreaming of a private chef whipping up a gourmet feast onboard? They can make it happen.

So, even if you find the perfect pre-made tour as a base, remember, that Condor Yachting is always happy to transform it into a custom-made masterpiece, ensuring your private boat tour is unlike any other.