Cool Cave Experiences Around the World

Cool Cave Experiences Around the World

Millions of years in the making, these intriguing caves around the world are awe-inspiring and thrilling to discover.

Blue Holes in South Andros

Venture to the Andros islands in the Bahamas, the home of the most blue holes in the entire world. Blue Holes refer to sinkholes or underwater caves that were formed during the last ice age when ocean levels were 300-400’ lower than current levels. The Andros Blue Holes are tidal freshwater blue holes which are unique in the world and can be found both inland and offshore. Nestled on the island of South Andros, Caerula Mar Club is a boutique luxury hotel that brings the best service to the serene island. Caerula Mar offers guests the opportunity to swim, snorkel or dive in these natural wonders. The resort will arrange tours for adventurous guests, where they can learn about the folklore of the island as well as many of the healing aspects of plants.

Hato Caves | Dutch Caribbean Island of Curaçao

A natural wonder that showcases the breathtaking beauty of Curaçao – the Hato caves are a geological triumph featuring unique limestone formations that have been millions of years in the making. As visitors explore the caves, they’ll enter a world filled with winding pathways and hidden chambers — revealing the majestic delights of the island. With mesmerizing colors, shapes, and textures — the caves are a must visit for science enthusiasts and those just looking for a touch of enchantment. The larger than life formations are over 300,000 years old and  found on the “third terrace” of the island. Travelers can ascend to the unique upstairs caves as they gaze out into breathtaking views of the colorful Caribbean island. Just a twelve minute walk from the Curaçao International Airport… your adventure awaits. Visit for more information.

Viking Feast in an Icelandic Cave | Hotel Rangá

Feast like Vikings in a mysterious Icelandic cave, the country’s oldest still standing archaeological remains, just minutes from Hotel Rangá. Guests of the South Coast property are invited to enjoy delicious dishes prepared by the hotel’s chefs in a setting from another time. While little is known about the Caves of Hella, what is certain is that they were made by humans, and so are the signs that indicate the caves were in existence when the Vikings came to Iceland in 850 A.D. Walking through the cool underground space, cave dwellers feel instantly connected to the past with wall carvings, a small altar and other relics of an unknown age. Guests of Hotel Rangá can book a private three course feast including gourmet gravlax, a decadent lamb shank served over whipped potatoes and a special skyr dessert in this unique Icelandic atmosphere. Dine by candlelight while listening to live entertainment, sipping local craft beer or handpicked wines and be catapulted back in history. To book your Icelandic cave feast, contact the Hotel Rangá reception today. Reservations must be made one week in advance.

Adventure in Bonaire’s Natural Caves | Bonaire 

The Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire is home to over 300+ caves including both dry and wet ones. Visitors can crawl, snorkel and climb through stunning formations like thousands of year old stalactites and stalagmites, see incredible ancient coral imprints and even come in contact with some cave creatures, from the marine variety to the winged kind. The cave system plays an important role in the Bonaire’s overall ecosystem.Eco-friendly tours are led by experienced guides who provide geological details about the island’s underground world, and are necessary to explore the caves of Bonaire safely, as many are (hidden) and found in their natural state. Visit to book.

Say Spahh in an Estate Cave at The Meritage Resort & Spa | Napa, California 

Explore all the sun-soaked Napa Valley has to offer, from its hot air balloon rides and luxury shopping to bike tours and culinary experiences. While The Meritage Resort is a sprawling property featuring on-site tasting rooms, a six-lane bowling alley, and dining options ranging from burrata all day at Olive + Hay and a French pop up experience all above ground, one of the most serene spots is Spa Terra, located 40 feet under a vineyard. Nested in a 22,000-square-foot Napa Estate Cave, the underground spa offers an array of treatments ranging from wine-infused massages to a Caveman facial. The unique space is also used for special events and wellness classes.

Cenote Suites | La Valise Tulum

A chic, adults-only hideaway in one of Mexico’s hottest and most easily accessible destinations, La Valise Tulum channels the mysticism of ancient Mayan civilization. Located on a secluded beach dotted with swaying palms, spacious suites with king beds roll onto balconies for al fresco nights under the stars while a spa edged with lush jungle offers native cacao ceremonies, bee venom facials, and ancient Mayan mud rituals. Then there’s the piece de resistance – an on-site cenote, or underground cave, known for its healing waters. For a truly magical stay, book one of the signature Cenote Suites, which feature outdoor showers, private Jacuzzis and direct access to the jungle cenote.

Cave Dwellings turned Boutique Hotel | Argos in Cappadocia

Carved into the cliffs of Turkey’s historical region, Argos in Cappadocia is an intimate boutique hotel that immerses its guests in the history and nature that surrounds the charming town of Uçhisar. This ancient monastery turned boutique hotel offers 51 uniquely designed guest rooms that are made of cave dwellings that blend in the volcanic landscape. The hotel’s “Splendid Suites’ submerges guests into the region's history offering a private pool and fireplace that exude a sense of romance while staying in a cave decorated with stone arches and breathtaking cave-style architecture. Guests can also enjoy the diverse topography of Cappadocia from their private garden or terrace. For a truly memorable escape, the hotel offers tailor-made experiences including a private hot air balloon ride, full moon walks, local culinary tours and cooking classes, and much more.

Hidden Sea Caves of the Na’Pali Coast | Sheraton Kauai Coconut Beach

A visit to Kauai isn’t complete without seeing the stunning landscape of Kauai’s Na Pali Coast. Centrally located in the quaint village of Ka’paa, Sheraton Kauai Coconut Beach is a great jumping off point for exploring the garden island, including its breathtaking, picturesque coastline and its secret sea caves that only small boats can access, giving visitors ample opportunity for spectacular snorkeling and views of cascading waterfalls against towering cliffs. Highlights include an open ceiling cave as well as the second longest sea cave in the US featuring natural formations, including arches, lava tubes, and an impressive stalagmite. The team at Sheraton Kauai Coconut Beach can book a range of eco-friendly tours for exploring the cave system of the Na Pali coast, from snorkel adventures via zodiac to a sunset sail.

Underwater Caves in Saba, Dutch Caribbean

Tucked away in the Caribbean Sea, the five-square-mile Dutch Caribbean island of Saba sets the stage for an off-the-grid, nature-immersive getaway. As the peak of a volcano that pokes out from the ocean below, Saba is tiny but quite mighty. Under the sea, Saba plunges below as steeply as it rises above. Thirty protected dive sites are found closely off-shore, many of which are bucket-list sites amongst the advanced diving community, such as The Pinnacles, five formations that rise from the ocean floor up to depths of 100 feet. Nestled between The Pinnacles, divers will encounter underwater caves and tunnels that were formed by past volcanic activity and nourished by deep ocean currents. Brave souls can dive deeper to explore the caves and find schools of colorful fish like Parrot Fish. Sharks and turtles are no strangers to The Pinnacles, too. Start planning your next bucket-list dive adventure at