Create Your Own Wine in Australia, the Ultimate $100k Vacation

Create Your Own Wine in Australia, the Ultimate $100k Vacation
When guests book The Sainthood Fine Wine Experience, they will embark on a journey to establish their own wine legacy by choosing a row of vines to be named after themselves and creating a bespoke red wine blend. Guests will stay in five star accommodation in vibrant Adelaide and the heart of the Barossa Valley, and will receive a private tour of the estate and chartered flight to the vineyard.

Once matured, a portion of the guest’s bespoke St Hugo wine will be poured into a hand-blown Australian artisan glass vessel. The vessel will be kept in the St Hugo vault and the guest will be given private, fingerprint access. Over the next three years, the guest will receive a supply of their personal wine blend, bottled and delivered to their home. Finally, when the guest wants to mark an important milestone, a St Hugo’s wine ambassador will hand deliver a bottle of the blend to the guest’s home to toast with them.

The three-day experience includes:

• Chartered flight to the vineyard in the Coonawarra region, Australia’s most distinguished Cabernet Sauvignon region
• A row of vines named after the guest along with an accompanying permanent name plate
• Crafting a unique red blend with Winemaker Daniel Swincer
• Private tour of the estate and newly opened home of St Hugo
• Private wine tastings of the finest old vintages of St Hugo in the atmospheric underground bottle cellar
• Fine dining by Executive Chef Mark McNamara
• 5 star luxury accommodation in Adelaide and Barossa Valley

The Sainthood Fine Wine Experience is $100,000 USD for two people and pre-booking is required.

Along with The Sainthood Fine Wine Experience, St Hugo also offers The Legacy Wine Experience (from $3,500 USD) and The Prestige Wine Experience (from $22,000 USD).

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