Cross This Thrilling Activity off Your Maldives Bucket List at COMO Maalifushi

Cross This Thrilling Activity off Your Maldives Bucket List at COMO Maalifushi

It’s officially whale shark season in the Maldives and every year luxury 5-star private island resort COMO Maalifushi provides guests with one of the most exhilarating, bucket-list snorkeling adventures on this part of the island.

From November to April, whale sharks, also known to be the largest shark on earth, travel to the Maldives to reproduce. To spot one of these creatures is a major rarity, with timing, weather and more playing a significant role. During this limited time frame, thrill-seeking guests travel from near and far to experience this once-in-a-lifetime viewing at COMO Maalifushi - and to make it even more extraordinary? It happens in the dark.

With local fishermen docked in the Thaa Atoll each night from 6pm-10pm, COMO Maalifushi is the first to hear of a potential whale shark sighting within the blue Maldivian waters. Guests, who are previously briefed on how to interact with the sharks and provided with wetsuits, snorkels, towels and torches, board a 20-minute boat ride from the resort through the dark waves. Before guests enter the water, they can opt to be given underwater cameras to take non-flash photos of the sharks not only for them to enjoy for personal use, but also for scientific purposes. Ecoocean tracks endangered and protected species in the Maldives, and each snorkel expedition's footage is used to find new whale sharks in the region. From past expedition research, the Tha Atoll has traced 24 whale sharks, making the area near COMO Maalifushi a hotspot for these creatures.

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For more information on COMO Maalifushi’s Nighttime Whale Shark Snorkeling Tour, visit the link here.