Cuba Travel Network Offers New American Legacy Itinerary

Cuba Travel Network Offers New American Legacy Itinerary
The 6 day / 5 night tour begins with a drive through Havana along the Malecon in a vintage car. Guests will be able to see a traditional show at a seaside fortress with cannon blasts and dancing as well as a night at the Cuban Art Factory which hosts special performances and galleries of upcoming artists.

Then, travelers get immersed in the private world of Ernest Hemingway, as they explore the writer's storied haunts and the museum located in his home in Finca Vigia. The next stop is Mantazas, where Milton Hershey built a sugar mill and the surrounding town where he made his chocolate after World War I. The tour concludes with a seaside excursion to Varadero where several iconic Americans built their getaway homes including the businessman who created nylon and lycra,Irénée DuPont. His beachside mansion he named Xanadu is where travelers will spend their last night in Cuba.

Cuba Yadira Montero,Vista del Malecoon con auto AntiguoYadira Montero,Vista del Malecoon con auto Antiguo

For the past 14 years, Cuba Travel Network's 55 employees have helped 70,000 travelers per year access the undiscovered country and navigate difficult travel restrictions. With the help of the network's outposts in all Cuban provinces, The Netherlands, Australia, and most recently Brooklyn, those planning a solo trip can receive immediate assistance across the world. Not to mention, Cuba Travel Network was the first Cuba travel company to accept and send immediate online bookings to American travelers.

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