Cultural Tea Experiences in Japan

Cultural Tea Experiences in Japan

The Japanese tea ceremony or matcha drinking ritual is the traditional way of drinking grean tea leaves after eating Japanese sweets. This particular way of making and drinking tea has many specific rules including the way of boiling tea, pouring tea, tea room design, the way of interaction between the host and guest.

Today Japanese tea is seen as an inseparable part of Japanese culture. Experience this ritual that started centuries ago.

Hoshino Resorts KAI Enshu
KAI Enshu is a hot spring ryokan situated by Lake Hamana in the historic city of Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture, which has the highest volume of green tea production in the country. The fresh aroma of tea leaves welcomes guests throughout the year with some tea-related activities including baths with tea balls, a lounge with a tea cellar, and tea stands of different types of green tea as well as visits to nearby tea farms. Held every evening, the Green Tea Masterclass (July 1-September 30) introduces guests to the richness of Japanese teas with a tasting of Kawane tea, which has a refreshing, summery taste, brown-rice tea and fukamushicha, a deep-steamed tea. Hoshino Resorts KAI Enshu is home to a Tea Cellar where guests can compare and enjoy various tea leaves throughout their stay, understanding the varietals of Japanese teas.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo hosts a daily Japanese Tea Ceremony, providing guests with opportunity to appreciate the current season in Japan, whether through the colors of the kimono one wears, the motifs of the confectionery served with the tea, or the aromas produced by the tea itself. This Tea Ceremony immerses guests into a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, Japanese hospitality. The tea bowls and whisks used in the ceremony are created exclusively for HOSHINOYA Tokyo and guests are allowed to keep them as a symbol of their experience.

Hoshino Resorts OMO5 Kyoto Gion
The Gion Walk & Tea Ceremony allows guests to discover the town of Gion’s Japanese confectionery stores that are famous for their craftsmanship. After finding their favorite Japanese confections, guests are invited to bring them back to the OMO Base tearoom to enjoy during a tea ceremony experience. During the tea ceremony, guests can experience grinding tea leaves in a tea mill and whisk matcha using traditional matcha utensils. This unique experience allows guests to taste the culture and history of Gion through delicious Japanese confections and fresh matcha tea.