Dandelyan, London - Last Chance To See World's Best Bar

Dandelyan, London - Last Chance To See World's Best Bar

This month, following the ultimate win at World’s 50 Best and the announcement of its closure at the end of 2018, Dandelyan at Mondrian London at Sea Containers will launch the third and final chapter of this year’s cocktail menu, The Modern Life of Plants, before the new concept is unveiled in 2019.

As with the previous two chapters, the final menu is centered around three core ingredients – mint, hops and grapes – which have been through Dandelyan’s unique and in-depth research and development process that involves the whole team researching how each plant lives, is reproduced and, in this instance, grown on a mass scale to meet demand.

Moving away from the current trend for seasonality, small-batched and foraged ingredients; The Modern Life of Plants menu champions the use of core ingredients grown as systemized crops within a large-scale food chain illustrating how the team at Dandelyan are leading the conversation around the future of our food and that sustainability doesn’t need to be about sacrifice.

The menu includes four cocktails created from each ingredient, with each section including a signature ‘boozeless’ version, as well as a ‘classics’ section that chops and changes from the bar’s previous menus to feature the team’s favorites. As with all Dandelyan menus, guests can expect to be greeted with a ‘modern’ approach and a memorable cocktail – the list includes:

Continuing Dandelyan’s overarching ethos of ‘Modern Botany’ which has transported the bar over the past four years, the menu explores the science and art that is at play in the human adaptation of plant and animal life, which pushes plants and plant life beyond their normal ‘natural’ biological terms.

Previous menus have focused on topics such as the ‘designations’ of botany (Cereal, Mineral, Floral and Vegetal); ‘keystone species’ and the interconnectedness of botany; and how plants shapes have shaped civilization. All of these subjects have been explored in non-literal manner, with the team looking to create exciting stories to showcase to guests.

The Modern Life of Plants menu will be live at Dandelyan from November 13th. Bookings can be made by calling 0203 747 1063 or by visiting www.dandelyanbar.com.