Dare to Detour Presents Women's Retreat to Montana this September

Dare to Detour Presents Women's Retreat to Montana this September

This September, Dare to Detour presents its annual, four-day retreat for women, a transformative, experiential travel event designed to help women in all stages of life to take a detour from the endless cycle of the everyday, discover something new, and reconnect to a part of themselves that might have been set aside as the responsibilities of life took over.

Held on a 100-year old, family-owned Dude ranch in Montana, the Dare to Detour retreat immerses participants in the wild, raw nature of the big sky region and offers the chance to engage in ranch activities like horseback riding, hiking, and fishing. Participants are also invited to enjoy a series of workshops designed to help the women explore every aspect of their lives, from self-image, to mindfulness, health, creative practice, career, relationships, family, and more.

Detour Discovery
INSPIRING A DEEPER SENSE OF SELFwith Linda Lesem & Laura Riordan

2  day workshop that will guide you through self-discovery and help you identify what makes you truly happy, as well as provide you with a toolset to activate that part of your life more fully upon your return home.

Detour Discovery
—Two 2-day workshops

  • “Shibori" with Kait Costanti - Learn an ancient Japanese fabric dying technique that produces beautiful natural patterns.
  • "Journaling to Rewrite Your Story" with Monica Willis - Develop journaling exercises to help reframe how you see yourself and break free of any identity narratives that you may be stuck in.

Detour Discovery
2 day workshop

This workshop explores our relationship to beauty. You’ll develop strategies to change negative perspectives and beauty rituals to reinforce feeling beautiful and sexy in your own skin, every day!

Detour Discovery
with Kate Murphy

Learn about foundation training, a movement and muscular development system that focuses on reducing back and joint pain caused by modern life.

Outdoor Activities
Horseback Riding, Hiking, Fly Fishing

Campfire Conversations
A series of surprise speakers and performers to make our campfire evenings epic.

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