Designing a Luxury Holiday Villa for Rental

Designing a Luxury Holiday Villa for Rental
Getting the design elements of a luxury holiday villa right for rental is therefore extremely important. Even the most tranquil setting won't complete the luxury travel equation – it is up to you to make the place where your guests are staying as comfortable and well suited to their needs as possible.

If you manage to get the luxury details right, you will find that the occupation rates of your property will be very high, and you will be able to request nightly rates that are much higher than your peers when listing your holiday property. Satisfied luxury travelers are also often repeat travelers, reducing your marketing costs as you can rely on existing business for future bookings. Here are five themes around which you can design your holiday letting:

Converging with nature

Travelers often go on trips to get in close touch with nature, especially if they live intense city lives. You can opt to style your holiday villa with this in mind by using natural materials for floors, walls, and cabinets and by installing furniture that has a natural rather than a modern design. Locating the villa close to water or within a cluster of trees can enhance this effect, while energy-saving features and extensive recycling facilities will add to the feel-good factor. Large windows can also enhance the impact of the natural environment, while many villa owners opt for thatched roofing.

The classic French villa

Understated luxury is often what people are looking for, and the cozy and chic French villa is the ultimate example of this. Use light, bright colors and a clever combination of rustic furniture and modern design elements to give your holiday villa a warm but luxurious feel. Plantation window shutters and furniture with wooden touches are typical elements of this style, which also combines solid flooring with plentiful rugs and floor mats. Luxury in this fashion appeals to travelers who enjoy comfort but who also avoid ostentatious displays of affluence, and they are a substantial sector of the travel market.

Extreme luxury

The travel market is a wide space, and you might find that the location of your villa warrants going for an extremely luxurious feel to get the maximum possible revenue from bigger spenders. Overt and ostentatious luxury has its own appeal, so decking out your holiday villa with expensive carpets, plush designer furniture, and expensive bathrooms and kitchens can be the key to maximum returns. A touch of restraint is always wise, but if your property is in a five-star location, you should consider splashing out on the most extravagant finishes and furnishings.

A technology mecca

Many of today's moneyed travelers work in the technology sector, and you could move one step ahead of other holiday rentals by providing the latest in technology for your visitors. Placing expansively large television screens in the living room and bedroom is a good place to start, while you would also want to make sure that high-speed internet is available inside and around the property. A fully featured home automation system controlling the lights and the temperature is also appealing, while hyper-modern kitchens with induction cockers and smart appliances will certainly go to your credit.

Entertainment powerhouse

Well-heeled travelers often like to entertain their friends, so designing a holiday villa in a way that makes it easy to accommodate and entertain guests can you set your offering apart. Invest in an extensive kitchen and pleasant dining area, perhaps with an outdoor deck for summertime parties. A large pool and possibly even a sauna will add to the fun factor, while you might want to consider adding enough guest rooms for holidaymakers who would like to accommodate their friends while they are on holiday.

It is not easy to please everyone's individual travel preferences, and you might find that a mix of the above styles is what you need to maximize holiday rental revenue. Either way, it is important that you pay special attention to the small details as the difference between an ordinary travel experience and a luxurious one is often down to the small things that get noticed by your visitors. Feedback is also essential, and it is important to make sure that you keep improving your villa based on what your visitors tell you.