Destination Dubai...Playground of Privilege, Glitz and Glamour

Destination Dubai...Playground of Privilege, Glitz and Glamour

Dubai is my kind of town…. “G. L. A. M….O, R, OUS… yeah”…..

This was the mantra playing on repeat inside my head compliments of Fergie, inspired mid-flight while indulging on Dom Perignon, Caviar and Blinis.  With dreams of one-of-a-kind adventure, gourmet cuisine and five-star accommodations, I stepped off my first-class Emirates flight into the “City of Gold”.

Giddy with excitement and ready to embark on a bucket-list journey of glitz and glamour in the playground of privilege our first stop was to check into our suite located in the heart of the city.

Linda Cooper in Dubai

Situated in the Burj Khalifa, the Armani Hotel offers the ultimate in signature Armani hospitality with its luxury lifestyle concept.

After freshening up in my suite, I take advantage of one of the many perks of staying at the hotel since shopping is a favorite pastime of mine. Accompanied by a hotel representative, we navigate our way through their private “guests only” entrance into The Dubai Mall.

How convenient to have exclusive back-door pass access to the magical home of the Dubai Shopping Festival and one of the world's largest shopping malls in UAE.  I’m sure my husband would agree….wink, wink.

As I devise a plan of attack, I am in sensory overload being in my “natural habitat” and make a mental note to put in the suggestion box to have more directories readily available.  Keep in mind, I feel truly at home in any shopping environment from the moment I breath in its intoxicating “Mall air”, so of course I managed just fine but given its massive size, a takeaway floor plan would have proven to be very helpful.

With no shortage of fabulous restaurants in this glimmering city, our culinary expectations in Dubai did not disappoint.  PierChic; a stunning over-the-water dining experience with its captivating views of the iconic Burj Al Arab across the Arabian Gulf offers a Mediterranean seafood menu that sets the gold standard.

Dubai food

Its enchanting culinary cuisine inspired by the world’s oceans offers delectable “melt-in-your-mouth” dishes that are presented exquisitely.

We dined on the Raw Marine appetizer of wild bass carpaccio, yellowfin tuna hamachi and Canadian lobster ceviche, fresh caught turbo as the “fish of the day” complimented with marine risotto and their signature dessert “The Pearl”.

While chatting with the irresistibly charming Manager Claudio D’oca (pictured)  I was delighted to learn he was familiar with my Travel show which currently is still airing Season One in Dubai and throughout the entire Middle East on the OSN Living Channel.

Linda Cooper in Dubai

One other opulent dining experience that left an indelible memory was indulging at underwater seafood restaurant Ossiano, located inside the Dubai Atlantis with floor-to-ceiling views into its breathtaking aquarium.   Its vibrantly hypnotic atmosphere with a front row seat to over 65,000 species of marine life co-existing, left me in awe yet the views did not compete with its sophisticated seafood offerings that tasted as incredible as its surroundings.

The five-course experience menu included Kelly Oyster starter with  hibiscus and ginger granite, caramelized black miso cod with homemade linguini pasta and my favorite course the Alaskan King Crab on a crispy baby gem lettuce, complimented by granny smith apples for a bit of acidity topped with seasonal edible flowers.

Linda Cooper in Dubai

A trip to Dubai would not be complete without experiencing Bedouin life with a luxury Desert Safari, so the next morning OceanAir Travels “Safari Captain” picks us up from our hotel via 4 wheel drive Land Cruiser for our private tour and whisked an hour outside the city to the Lahbab Desert.

Arriving at the Al Khayma Desert Camp to begin our adventure, this Dubai Desert Safari was the highlight of my trip.  Absorbing the desert charm on Camel Rides through the red dunes, Sand surfing while snapping phenomenal panoramic photo ops, and taking an exhilarating dune bashing ride with a small caravan. The adrenaline rush was so great knowing that in one false move we would flip, but did not thanks to the expertise driving skills of our driver Sadik.

Feeling desert chic with a splash of nausea (definitely load up on Dramanine prior to dune bashing) we enjoyed a touch of Arabia at their authentic desert camp with brunch and Arabic coffee.

Linda Cooper in Dubai

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