Dine at the Best Restaurants in the Alps

Dine at the Best Restaurants in the Alps
Whether renting a luxury ski chalet in mid-winter or venturing into the mountains in the height of summer, the French Alps guarantees unrivaled natural beauty and the opportunity to indulge in the high life. France offers more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other country in the world, many of which can be found on the steep slopes of scenic mountains in the Alps. In addition to powdery pistes and idyllic valleys to explore, there are a surprising number of tantalizing culinary adventures that will compete for your time.

Much like a luxury Alpine holiday, these five handpicked restaurants provide an experience to be savored in both summer and winter:

La Bouitte

La Bouitte - Saint Martin De Belleville

La Bouitte chefs René and Maxime Mellieur are inspired by the picturesque surroundings of Saint Martin De Belleville, which they reflect in their food, making for a truly immersive mountain dining experience. From their kitchen in the rustic and traditional ski village of St Martin, they create dishes with mountain-pasture herbs, fresh fish from Lake Geneva and unusual cheeses. This three Michelin-starred institution is a must-visit at any time of the year.

Flocon de Sel

Flocons de Sel - Megeve

This boutique hotel is home to a renowned 3 Michelin-starred restaurant that serves up a gastronomic storm. Located in the iconic Alpine resort of Megève, it offers exquisite dishes in a sensational natural setting, which enhances its uniquely intimate atmosphere. The cuisine served is innovative and full of imagination, and has earned the head chef, Emmanuel Renaut, the prestigious ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ award. Visit Flocons de Sel for an inimitable experience of masterful cooking and near-perfect service.

L’Atelier d’Edmond

L’Atelier d’Edmond - Val D’Isere

Settled at the base of the Fornet-Pissaillas ski run, close to Val d’Isere, this highly acclaimed gourmet restaurant welcomes diners to enjoy the nostalgic charm of a traditional setting, combined with modern and innovative cuisine. The sunny terrace overlooks the village of Fornet, for guests to enjoy the enchanting scenery as they dine.

Hotel Charme Les Airelles

Pierre Gagnaire Pour Les Airelles - Courchevel 1850
Charmingly traditional yet undoubtedly luxurious in its interior, everything about Pierre Gagnaire pour Les Airelles is a feast for the eyes. It is home to one of the world’s finest chefs, who is known for presenting dishes in a magical way, before one even gets to the taste. The dishes served are exceptional, and the service is outstanding. Courchevel 1850 is more luxurious in its adornment with the presence of the restaurant.

Le Hameau Albert 1er© Lamiche

Le Hameau Albert 1er – Chamonix

This charming restaurant in Chamonix boasts a rich history that spans five generations, the result of which is a scintillating menu of refined quality and variation. The spectacular terrace area faces Mont Blanc, which provides the perfect backdrop for an appetizing lunch, for which prices start at €42. Boasting two Michelin stars, Le Hameau Albert 1er endeavors to preserve the taste of the produce. Local regions inspire dishes and herbs from the herb garden subtly enhance the freshest of ingredients.

Written by Harriet Lowes