Dine Like an Expert: Fine Dining in the GCC

Dine Like an Expert: Fine Dining in the GCC

Traveling is fun, but what if you don’t know the best things to do when you get there? If you intend to take vacations to locations throughout the Gulf states, this is the ideal spot to learn more about your preferred holiday mood. A novel method to explore a new location is through fine eating. The GCC nations provide a large selection of upscale eateries where you can enjoy exquisite cuisine.

Over the past year, the GCC's restaurant culture has seen a significant transformation. Our expectations for dining experiences have become sharper as a result of a volatile cocktail of lockdowns, growing living costs, an overreliance on internet connections, and the emergence of culinary scenes in cities like Doha and Riyadh.

Experiences are all that it is. We want to get out more than ever, eat properly, enjoy the moment, and look back on our experiences.

Best Fine Dining Restaurants in the GCC

Cut by Wolfgang Puck

Manama, Bahrain

This restaurant is perfect for a unique experience in Bahrain. There aren't many more famous chefs than Wolfgang Puck, who is the darling of Beverly Hills; therefore, celebrity chef names come with celebrity chef ratings. In spite of this, you will understand why the man is well-known after dining at this establishment. From prime dry- and wet-aged beef to premium shellfish, the high-end steakhouse's menu offers the largest selection of meat in Bahrain's capital. In addition, guests are treated to a breathtaking view of the kitchen and the impressive Manama skyline.

White Robata

Kuwait City, Kuwait

The best dining experience in Kuwait can be had at White Robata. A spectacular open kitchen that serves Japanese barbecue (or "robata") cuisine is the focal point of the décor, which is an enticing combination of vibrant hues and contrasting textures. That's not all, though. The restaurant, which leans heavily on the Japanese aesthetic, also draws inspiration from the anime movement of the 1980s and 1990s and boasts a fantastic collection of 3D models and graphic representations of well-known robot anime characters.

Ce La Vi

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the most beautiful city in the Arab world; everyone just falls in love with it. Although it offers a wide range of things to do in Dubai, it also has a great taste for fine dining. Ce La Vi is a venue with assurance. You go there to leave a nice first impression. The eatery incorporates lessons learned from its other international sites, Singapore, Shanghai, and Tokyo, including breath-taking views, sumptuous interiors, Instagram-worthy hero photos, and, most importantly, a well-drilled kitchen that offers a playful version of contemporary Asian food. This is the time and place to say something.


Abu Dhabi, UAE

Being in Dubai is gorgeous, but Abu Dhabi also has a great experience. All you need is just telling a driver to take you to the Louvre, but not quite as much as the experience of eating at its highlight restaurant, Fouquets. Similar to its namesake on the Champs-Elysées, the restaurant's menu was created in partnership with celebrity chef Pierre Gagnaire, and its blood red seating stunningly contrasts with the room's whitewashed decor. The epitome of elegance.

Maharaja East by Vineet 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Nowadys, Saudi Arabia presents a new style for things you can do in KSA. Riyadh especially has a new taste that needs to be discovered. Globally renowned chef Vineet Bhatia visited Riyadh before it became hip. Even though he is renowned for giving the food of his native India a contemporary and humorous twist, consistency, not invention, has been the key to Maharaja East's success. Not as "out there" as some of Bhatia's other eateries, the food is nevertheless good. The samosas have noticeable flourishes, yet they still appear to be samosas (none of this deconstructed faff here). The majority of diners greet each dish with a smartphone snap since the cuisine is so appetising (even 'gramme gets fed at Bhatia's restaurants), which explains why the food is so appealing.

La Mar by Gaston Acurio

Doha, Qatar

Qatar is a fancy country; therefore, it has a unique fine dining experience. One of the most sought-after tables in the Qatari capital is unquestionably at this upscale, swanky restaurant, which serves Chef Gastón Acurio's renowned Peruvian cuisine. Look for handcrafted creative cocktails served with real ceviches, fresh seafood, and charcoal-grilled meats. Panoramic views of the Doha skyline are also available from the coastal location. Nice.

Beach Pavilion Bar and Grill

Muscat, Oman

Did you visit Oman before? Exploring Oman is a way of getting into a fairytale. It has the ability to make you drift through the clouds. Although it has thousands of reasons to visit, as it offers plenty of things to do in Oman, experiencing one of the best fine dining restaurants there is epic. As the name implies, the limited menu consists primarily of grills. Choose from lamb, chicken, steak, or aubergine and serve it with sides like parmesan fries or lobster maqboos rice, along with sauces like peppercorn, chimichurri, or béarnaise. Although there are many seafood selections, the breathtaking surroundings are what really stand out. The breathtaking outdoor patio extends all the way to the shore, and sunset viewing events with a view of the ocean are among the most romantic in Muscat.


Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai and Riyadh

Since it initially debuted in the GCC, Coya has rapidly improved on what we had come to expect from the fine dining industry. It began in Dubai, moved on to Abu Dhabi and Doha, and finally opened its doors in Riyadh last year. Due to a persistent focus on using fresh ingredients and creating delectable, straightforward meals, Coya has been one of the first restaurants in the area to truly celebrate Peruvian cuisine and has withstood countless imitators. Coya's food is best eaten in a group; however, more is definitely merrier here.