Discover KanXuk Blue Maya Resort

Discover KanXuk Blue Maya Resort
Approximately 37 km from the beach town of Tulum, its remoteness is central to its charm, combining privacy and exclusivity with uninterrupted views of the crystal waters and pristine white sands of the Caribbean.

The resort offers five luxury rooms in the Main Villa, three ocean bungalows and one premium bungalow with a private garden. Each offers elegant amenities in balance with the breathtaking landscapes which inspire KanXuk Blue Maya Resort’s restorative spirit of sustainability. Whether guests want to relax with others or seek out solitude, it’s easy to find a new sense of peace and tranquility deeply rooted in the nature that surrounds it.

Eat. Drink. Relax.
With a menu that changes daily, the chef provides a variety of options for an all-inclusive fine dining experience. The culinary staff is committed to creating both classic and contemporary dishes steeped in the culture and culinary traditions of the region. Local and international favorites are highlighted with locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients, and for an experience truly tailored to your tastes, meals can be customized to suit guests’ preferences upon request.

Complementing the food is an amply-stocked wine and liquor collection featuring high-end labels from around the world. They are also known for our multi-leveled tequila tasting hosted by their on premise mixologist. So whether you’re planning a multi-course dinner for ten or a beach-side brunch for two, you won’t be disappointed.

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