Discover Luxury Latin America by Private Jet

Discover Luxury Latin America by Private Jet

Throughout the world, business aviation is second to none thanks to its flexibility, efficiency, and privacy. In Latin America, still a developing executive market, things are no different, as there is also demand and understanding of the comforts of this segment. There are fewer jets than in the Northern Hemisphere, fewer private terminals, and a reduced number of runways used exclusively by private jets. However, the destinations are unique, somewhat pristine, and offer diverse qualities depending on the location.

BitLux, the Palm-Beach based private jet company, shares the 6 most luxurious destinations in the region, based on the preference of its international customers. Make yourself comfortable, this will be a trip to remember.

Fernando de Noronha (Brazil): This paradise island is located about 340 miles from Recife, in the Brazilian northeast. The main island of the archipelago has only 10 square miles and the authorities allow a reduced number of people and types of aircraft in the location, due to the length of the runway and since it does not have a fuel supply center.

Airport: Gov. Carlos Wilson (FEN)

Galapagos Islands (Ecuador): This UNESCO World Heritage site is located 620 miles from Ecuador, from where regular flights take off to the main islands of the archipelago. Of course, only an executive plane can reach Isabela Island, the largest of all, due to its short asphalt runway. Its main attraction is its six volcanoes, five of which are active. A flight to the Galapagos Islands from Guayaquil takes just under two hours.

Airport: Seymour on Baltra Island (GPS)

Punta del Este (Uruguay): Compared by those who have visited it to Miami, this luxurious city is the vacation spot of famous international celebrities. Uruguay only has five executive jet operators, which is why many of the executive flights to this destination depart from Brazil, Argentina, and Miami. As usual when flying private, it is worth landing in a private lounge and avoiding the long waits in the mass terminals.

Airport: Laguna del Sauce International (PDP)

Patagonia (Argentina): This vast territory with beautiful landscapes encompasses several towns and cities, the most important being Neuquén, Bariloche, Comodoro Rivadavia and Ushuaia. The latter is generally considered the southernmost city in the world and is located almost 2,500 miles from Sao Paulo, 1,490 from Santiago and more than 5,500 miles from Miami, making it an expensive destination for being so remote. Likewise, throughout Patagonia, helicopter charters are popular, which provide the opportunity to observe the beautiful surroundings from above.

Airport: Teniente Luis Candelaria International (BRC)

Easter Island (Chile): This small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is located 5 hours by plane from Santiago, the closest continental city. Tourists visit this location for the pristine landscapes and the Moais, the famous volcanic rock statues. The renowned Hanga Roa hotel is the most expensive in the island, with rooms starting at US$ 700.00 per night. Due to the distance, only certain types of business jets can make the trip. As an example, the midsize Gulfstream G150 jet can only fly with 4 passengers on board taking off from Santiago.

Airport: Mataveri International (IPC)

Sint Maarten (Netherlands): Officially located in the Caribbean, this beautiful island is famous for its beaches and lately also for its airport, where aircraft land and take off just meters from the beach. It is located 3 hours away by plane from Miami and is definitely one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean, making its airport the second most used by business jets in the region after the main airport of San Juan in Puerto Rico.

Airport: Princess Juliana International (SXM)

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