Discover some of the best Corsica activities, the islands’ charms in a family yachting adventure

Discover some of the best Corsica activities, the islands’ charms in a family yachting adventure

The island of Corsica, a glittering gem in the Mediterranean crown, offers a unique setting for families in search of a holiday that combines natural beauty, adventure, and luxury. As one of the most picturesque islands in the Western Mediterranean, Corsica invites families to discover its unique landscapes, intriguing heritage, and irresistible allure, creating lasting memories in this enchanting destination. A luxury yacht charter Corsica promises for your family to unlock a world of exclusive experiences tailored to cater to every family member, from the youngest to the oldest. Home to diverse landscapes dotted with picturesque hiking trails, fascinating historical sites, and endless watersports, these elements serve as the perfect backdrop for a holiday filled with discovery, exploration, and relaxation. Here, we share our top three compelling reasons to choose Corsica for your next family holiday:

A Corsica Scuba Diving or Snorkeling experience

Corsica snorkeling

The crystal-clear waters surrounding the island of Corsica are ideal for all forms of watersports, from windsurfing to paddleboarding and fishing. But diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, in particular, will find themselves in a paradise of underwater exploration. The island boasts a rich array of dive sites, each with its own unique appeal. Some of the best snorkeling in Corsica is found by the Lavezzi Islands, a small group of granite islands and coral reefs by the south. Part of a marine protected area, this is the perfect spot to snorkel among the colorful marine life before soaking up some sun on the pristine beach.  Off the coast of Cervioni lies the Alcione Wreck, a WWII freighter now resting at 33 meters deep and teeming with diverse fish species. Ideal for divers, it's a must-see wreckage. Near Calvi, the B17 Calvi Wreck, an American WWII bomber, offers another intriguing dive at 27 meters, housing scorpionfish, moray eels, and a vibrant marine ecosystem. Another must-visit site is Dry Pelu near the Lavezzi Islands, known for its large groupers and depth range, perfect for both new, inexperienced as well as seasoned divers.

Walking and Hiking

Corsica Hiking

In Corsica, a paradise for hiking and outdoor lovers, the island's varied terrain offers a wealth of walking and hiking opportunities, perfect for family-friendly holidays. The Bonifacio Coastal Hike, an 8km easy trail, is ideal for family outings, showcasing stunning coastal vistas. Enjoy the leisurely trail, taking photographs along the way to share with loved ones afterwards.

For those seeking a bit more challenge, the 6.9km Capo Rosso Hiking Trail presents moderate inclines and breathtaking views of Corsica's unique landscape. Additionally, the 4.3km Source des Roches Bleues and Calanchi di Piana Hike is an easy, child-friendly loop offering spectacular scenery. These Corsica hiking experiences are not just about exploring the natural beauty of Corsica but also about creating memorable moments and strengthening family bonds. With options ranging from leisurely walks to more adventurous treks, hiking in Corsica is a highlight of family-friendly European vacations and an essential part of Corsica travel.

Historical Sightseeing

Corsica Bonifacio Historic  Town

Corsica, a treasure trove of history, invites families on an enriching journey through its storied past, making it a top choice for family-friendly holidays and European vacations. Not to be missed, the historic town of Bonifacio, perched atop dazzling white cliffs, is a great place to begin your exploration of the island's past. This 9th-century town is a labyrinth of narrow alleys leading to remarkable historical treasures. The Citadel of Bonifacio, a symbol of resilience and history, dominates the landscape, offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Families can explore the Bastion and Genoa Gate, where a small drawbridge from 1830 marks a journey back in time. The old town, with its mix of lively cafes and architectural splendors, provides a perfect backdrop for family adventures. Wandering through its streets, families can soak in the ambiance of a bygone era, marveling at sites like the Church of St. Mary Major, Bonifacio's oldest building. The town's deep harbor, a testament to its strategic importance, and the nearby Cape Pertusato offer additional opportunities for exploration and sightseeing. Across the island, other Genoese towers in locations like Porto and Capitello still remain, providing more insights into Corsica's fascinating historical past. The Citadel of Calvi, perched by the sea, tells old tales of liberty. Other historical sites like Filitosa and Capula, laden with ancient menhirs, offer a glimpse into Corsica's ancient civilizations. These explorations, coupled with activities like Corsica walking, whale watching, and sightseeing, elevate Corsica travel to a captivating adventure for families seeking a blend of history, nature, and culture.

Whether it's diving into the underwater world, trekking through scenic landscapes, or exploring ancient ruins, a yacht charter in Corsica ensures a family holiday filled with diverse and enriching experiences. Each activity, from snorkeling Corsica’s vibrant reefs to walking its serene trails and uncovering historical gems, contributes to an unforgettable family-friendly holiday.