Discover the Yacht Chef Winners of the Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2021

Discover the Yacht Chef Winners of the Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2021

The Antigua Charter Yacht Show opened its doors once again on the 4th of December for its 60th Jubilee anniversary. Gathering together after 2 years of yacht show cancellations, this year was certainly one to remember.

Despite being much smaller and more intimate than usual, guests still gathered together for the annual charter chef competition, celebrating wonderful culinary creations and talent. With a superb selection of winners, it is only right to share their achievements. Read on to hear about the winners of the yacht chef competition at the Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2021.


Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2021

Starting from the 4th of December, yachting enthusiasts came together to celebrate the 60th Jubilee Anniversary of the Antigua Charter Yacht Show. With two years of forced cancellations, attendees were given a warm welcome on the sun lapped docks of Antigua’s English and Falmouth Harbour. The five-day show was a small and intimate gathering with a premium selection of yachts, brokerages, crew, captains and marine vendors. Invited to the show were Burgess Yachts, Yachtco, Oyster Yachts, Blue Latitude Yachting, West Nautical and many more.

Kicking off the yacht charter show was the Welcome Networking event. A chance for industry partners to connect, the networking event was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the best of Caribbean culture, music and cuisine. With chauffeured golf carts traveling up and down the docks, show attendees were able to have much more time viewing the spectacular range of yachts than traveling to and from the lengthy marinas.

With so much to see and do in just one week, members were able to enjoy the Antigua Sundowners evening in Bloom Restaurant, the Concours de Chef competition, the Captain's Soiree in Admiral’s Inn, Antigua Yacht Club Night and the After Show Mingle. Not forgetting days spent viewing the mesmerizing yachts, from 80-foot boats to 230-foot superyachts, giving the guests quite the spectacle.

Ending an unforgettable week and a Hallmark Celebration, the show ended with a magical firework display and a private party through the night.

Antigua Yacht Show chef competition

Annual Chef’s Competition

Held every year, one of the most exciting events of the week was the 21st annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show’s Concours de Chef. Inviting all show attendees, yacht charter chefs were gathered together to showcase their culinary skills to the yachting industry.

The chefs were asked to create a three-course meal for a 60th Anniversary, using the theme Diamond Jubilee Celebration. To do this, the chefs had to incorporate the Petrossian Caviar sponsored by Shore Side Support in at least one of their courses. As a culinary curveball to test their talents, chefs had to create a gluten-free meal to accommodate one of their guests.

In just 30 minutes, the chefs had to prepare an appetizer of their choice, a main course of their choice and a dessert using a selection of tropical fruit prepared in three ways. Yachts under 125 feet had to be prepared in 2 ways.

With a panel of five judges, the chefs were marked on appearance and presentation, taste, creativity, execution and overall appeal.

Antigua Yacht Show

2021 Competition Winners

Although exceptional talent was shown in every chef, six winners were awarded  this year across multiple categories. The winners for years 21st annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show’s Concours de Chef are as follows:

1st place

M/Y Triumph

Chef Aaron Thomas

2nd place

M/Y Lionshare

Chef Julian Brown

3rd place

M/Y French West

Chef Pierre

Best First Course

M/Y Lionshare

Chef Julian Brown

Best Main Course

S/Y Hyperion

Chef Scully

Best Dessert

M/Y Triumph

Chef Aaron Thomas

Benefits of a Yacht Chef

A yacht charter chef is one of the most desirable aspects of a yacht charter, offering discerning gourmands the opportunity to cruise the world in comfort and luxury while enjoying world-class dishes made using the very best ingredients. As highly qualified professionals, yacht chefs have obtained exceptional culinary skills working in some of the world's most sought after restaurants, including Michelin-starred establishments.

Whether you wish to have a yacht charter experimenting with new cuisines and a myriad of flavors or a week of your food favorites prepared for you on the comfort of your yacht, your yacht chef will work with you to tailor a menu to suit you and your guest's culinary preferences.

With a superb selection of yacht charters with chefs, guaranteed to excite the most discerning gourmands, contact your chosen yacht broker and let them find you your ideal yacht charter with a chef.

Article by Ella Neale