Discover Vila Rodrigues: Lisbon's Hidden Oasis of Authentic Charm and Modern Luxury

Discover Vila Rodrigues: Lisbon's Hidden Oasis of Authentic Charm and Modern Luxury

Vila Rodrigues, a newly unveiled boutique accommodation, offers a delightful fusion of traditional Portuguese aesthetics and modern amenities in the heart of Lisbon. Restored and refurbished by the talented owner-designer duo, Francesca Saponaro and Sam Coltart, with initial design concepts from the esteemed Cavalcanti Studio, this charming establishment has already earned impressive reviews and ratings on platforms like Google and

Situated in the vibrant city of Lisbon, Vila Rodrigues is a lovingly restored 19th-century 'Vila,' once home to the hardworking tradesmen and women of the city. This unique boutique accommodation comprises seven distinct houses and five modern apartments, each thoughtfully blending the essence of traditional Portuguese design with contemporary comfort and a warm, minimalist aesthetic.

With a selection of twelve unique options, ranging from one-bedroom units to spacious three-bedroom homes and a breathtaking penthouse offering panoramic views of Lisbon, Vila Rodrigues provides visitors with the opportunity to experience the charm of the city in style and tranquillity. The traditional Vila layout, characterised by a collection of houses surrounding a courtyard, creates an inviting oasis, perfect for travellers seeking both style and comfort after exploring the city. Every room is adorned with a modern Belgian aesthetic, crafted with the help of Cavalcanti Studio, known for their work on the popular boho-chic Casa Reia beach club and restaurant in Lisbon.

Francesca Saponaro and Sam Coltart, the dedicated owners, initiated the renovation and refurbishment of Vila Rodrigues in 2020, infusing their unique styles inspired by their diverse backgrounds from Italy, Germany, Spain, and New Zealand. Their shared appreciation for architecture, design, and culture, coupled with a strong commitment to sustainability and local sourcing of materials, has led to their success in various architecture and tourism projects, from a private property in Puglia to a range of accommodations in Madrid. The result of their shared passion is Vila Rodrigues, a space characterised by a minimalist aesthetic emphasising clean lines, natural materials, and a welcoming sense of warmth and comfort.

Lisbon, recently named one of 'the World’s friendliest cities' by Conde Nast, is a city that has captivated the hearts of many. From its picturesque cobblestone streets to its breathtaking views overlooking the Tagus River, Lisbon has become a must-visit destination for travellers worldwide. Lisbon was the most visited Portuguese region by international travellers in 2022, having received a total of 5.4 million overnight visitors.

Francesca Saponaro, Co-owner and Designer of Vila Rodrigues, expressed her excitement, stating, "We're thrilled to introduce Vila Rodrigues after three years of meticulous refurbishment and restoration. Our goal is to offer guests a genuine experience of Portuguese culture and traditions without compromising modern luxuries and amenities. We want them to immerse themselves in the city's vibrant nightlife, captivating views, unique history, and the warmth of its locals. We can't wait to welcome our guests and unveil the enchantment of Lisbon."

Vila Rodrigues effortlessly combines the best of both worlds, providing an authentic Portuguese experience with modern amenities and comfort, ensuring that guests have an unforgettable 'live-like-a-local' stay.

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