Dive into World Ocean Day with a Splash of Sustainable Hospitality

Dive into World Ocean Day with a Splash of Sustainable Hospitality

World Ocean Day is on June 8th and the Ellerman House is bringing awareness to this day within the hospitality industry.

Located in the heart of Cape Town, where the slopes of the Lion’s Head meet the Atlantic Ocean, lies the iconic Ellerman House Hotel. Boasting 13 rooms and two three-bedroom villas uniquely designed to showcase traditional SA landscaping and panoramic views of Bantry Bay, the property features exceptional details throughout, showing the very best of South Africa. With unparalleled views of the crashing waves, magnificent sunsets and richness of plant and animal life nearby, Ellerman’s surroundings provide an ever-present reminder of their important commitment to conservation, sustainability carbon emissions and water scarcity.

In a conscious effort to highlight World Ocean Day 2023 and the United Nations theme “Planet Ocean, Tides are Changing”, Relais & Châteaux, in partnership with Ethic Ocean will celebrate seafood “SEAsonality”. As a proud member of the Relais & Châteaux family, Ellerman House will also participate in “SEAsonality” to protect species weakened by overfishing and climate change and educate guests on the importance of sourcing sustainable seafood (a strict policy already in place in their kitchen) with a celebratory fish dish on the daily menu. To encourage guests to shop sustainably at home, Ellerman House’s Executive Chef Kieran and his team will offer guests a recipe to take with them in hopes of inspiring responsible provenance at home.

Throughout the month of June, hundreds of Relais & Châteaux chefs will be putting sustainable seafood products on their guests’ plates, sampling discussing the species and encouraging consumers around the world to rethink their dining choices.

What does Ocean Conservation at a Relais & Châteaux member look like? Here are more standout examples:

  • The Ivy Hotel in Baltimore - Many species in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay are threatened by the invasive blue catfish, so Chef Scott Bacon is making sure to catch them and put them on the menu at Magdalena. *video asset here
  • Sonora Resort in British Columbia - The beautiful wilderness resort not only practices ethical wildlife viewing, but they also teach guests about fishing regulations and how to do catch-and-release fishing on saltwater salmon trips. Sonora Resort proudly supports the Gillard Pass Fish Hatchery to replenish the stock of Chinook salmon.
  • Pikaia Lodge in the Galapagos Islands - The lodge uses a land-tourism model of the islands, where illegal game fishers are given the opportunity to switch their fishing permits for new day-tour diving permits, protecting sharks and other marine life, and taking divers and snorkelers to them. This gives locals a better income and protects the islands’ marine species.
  • Restaurante Arzak in Spain - Thanks to a five year fishing ban in the Bay of Biscay, European anchovy has been given safety to thrive, and Chef Elena Arzak is educating her diners on her work with local fishers to ensure this continues.
  • Ocean House in Rhode Island - In an effort to fight climate change by reducing pressure on the wild stocks of sugar kelp, Ocean House has partnered with local kelp farmer, Stonington Kelp. Kelp farming introduces more seaweed into the ocean, which allows for excess nitrogen and carbon to be pulled from crops each year.

Because sustainable seafood consumption is an issue on the minds of eco-conscious travelers, Relais and their environmental organization partner, Ethic Ocean, created a consumer guide on SEAsonality, so consumers can see the misconceptions and make more responsible choices going forward.