Dominica's Best Bars to Celebrate National Rum Day

Dominica's Best Bars to Celebrate National Rum Day

Celebrate National Rum Day and make a toast with Dominica’s iconic Bush Rum! Known for its lush landscapes and fresh harvests, Dominica produces Bush Rum that is infused with an assortment of hand picked herbs, exotic spices and delicious fruits straight from the island. Crafted with care, the origins of this rum trace back to the medicinal practice of blending traditional healing ingredients with rum, creating a drink with curative properties. Nearly every Bush Rum comes with a recommended medicinal effect, such as the Anise-like Nannie, which helps improve memory and decrease muscle pain, or Lemon Grass, which helps lower cholesterol.

Bars across the Nature Island have their spin on Bush Rum, ranging from fruited favorites like guava, orange, lemon and maraschino cherry to herbal delights like rosemary, thyme, cinnamon and peppermint. Below, I’ve included some of Dominica’s favorite spots to try Bush Rum:

Islet View Restaurant and Bar

Whether you are looking for a good meal or just some drinks, Islet View Restaurant and Bar is the perfect place to try Bush Rum. Highly recommended by former travelers and locals, this location has an impressive collection of over 50 varieties of homemade rum. Grab a drink while looking at the beautiful views of Dominica’s nature.

Batibou Beach

A must-have experience while visiting Dominica is adventuring to the widely popular and vibrant Batibou Beach. No visit is complete without trying their infamous coconut rum punch that gives this location the well-deserved reputation as one of best bars on the whole island. Don’t miss out on the fun – it is open from the winter through the spring.

Macoucherie Rum Distillery 

One of two local brands, Macoucherie Rum Distillery has been producing home-grown commercial rum since 1763. Discover the secrets behind this centuries-old craft for only about $3 USD as you can take a tour of the traditional distillery, learn all about the production of bush rum, and taste as you go.

Indian River Bush Bar 

Home of some of the best Rum Punch Dominica is known for, Bush Bar offers a wide variety of local Bush Rums, marinated with herbs and spices, fresh seasonal fruit juices and its signature drink “Dynamite.” The bar is located a lazy 30-minute boat ride up the Indian River in Portsmouth and sits on a small island in the middle of the river, perfect for those looking to explore Dominica's lush landscape while enjoying some of the best cocktails the island has to offer.

Ruins Rock Cafe 

Sample Dominica’s wilder, most exotic Bush Rums at this local favorite. With the most impressive collection on the island, their menu boasts a rum selection ranging from insanity, genius or just plain gross adding fun to the tasting experience.