Dream Destinations for Lucky Lottery Winners

Dream Destinations for Lucky Lottery Winners

Winning the lottery is the sort of life-changing experience that can take some time to adjust to. This is one of the reasons why many people who strike it lucky decide to use their prize money to head off on a relaxing break. So, what are some of the classic destinations that big winners tend to head to in this situation? From a relaxing river cruise to an on-the-go world tour - here are just a few ideas.

The Caribbean for sun and relaxation

This is the sort of idyllic travel destination that many people spend years dreaming of visiting but can never afford. For this reason, a lot of people with a newly won fortune decide to head to the Caribbean on a cruise or a beach vacation.

In the case of winners of the Irish Lotto and EuroMillions, 47.5% of the winners choose the Caribbean to celebrate their win in style, as reported in the Irish Mirror. There is no doubt that the lure of the beaches, warm water, and interesting resorts here make it a good choice for the start of a new life.

In addition, there are few places on Earth with more ways to relax and get used to a luxury life than here. From sipping exotic cocktails on the beach to going up on a private helicopter ride, there is more than enough to do to keep you feeling on top of the world.

Australia to see some amazing sights

A trip Down Under is particularly popular with lottery winners, with around a third of new lottery millionaires rating this as their dream destination. The appeal of endless sun, great beaches, and some world-class attractions make this a tempting destination for anyone who has just come into some money.

Sydney Opera night

On the other hand, Australian winners often talk about taking a long trip to visit Europe. Clearly, if you won the lottery after winning the likes of the $41 million German Lotto, then a trip to Europe could be the ideal way to celebrate.

Some of the best hotels in Australia, where a lotto millionaire can enjoy the good life, include the Crown Towers in Melbourne and the Park Hyatt in Sydney. The latter has a spectacular Sydney Suite that displays a giant terrace offering 360-degree views of the city’s famous picturesque harbor.

A round-the-world trip

Perhaps the most tantalizing option is to take your winnings and travel the world, of course. It's going to take some time to do this if you want to hit all the top spots like Tokyo, New York, and Paris, so it is probably only suitable for someone who is going to give up work or have a year or so free (as many lottery winners likely do...).

Of course, visiting every continent and seeing all the Seven Wonders of the world is one of the most exciting ways to spend money, but how much could it all cost? The exact amount varies widely but some of the best round-the-world cruises cost from $30,000 to $90,000, according to this list from Travel + Leisure.

If you get lucky and win millions in a lottery draw, then traveling the world is one of the very best ways to start spending the cash. Just be sure to choose your destination wisely, plan ahead and it will be perfect.