'Drink the Rainbow' with Baccarat Hotel New York's New Le Prism Cocktail Menu

'Drink the Rainbow' with Baccarat Hotel New York's New Le Prism Cocktail Menu

Much like Baccarat Hotel New York itself, which is a celebration of light that glows and sparkles, the new Le Prism cocktail menu at Baccarat Hotel showcases each color in the rainbow not as a separate entity but rather as a juxtaposition of vibrant hues. “When savoring a finished cocktail, it’s tempting to imagine it was always whole, but it is really a collection of multiple parts, much like the colors of a rainbow,” says Bar Manager Mark Tubridy who created the menu. “Flavors such as citrus, smoke and heat, as bold as they are, may be more compatible than one might think. And although a happy marriage of flavors is always the end goal, one should also know what brought that union to life.”

With a stunning array of vibrant flavor combinations and innovative techniques, the ten cocktails that comprise this new Spring offering explore the many ways we all experience light in our daily lives. By assigning different flavor elements to each color in the prism, as well as exploring the infinite ways these colors and flavors can intersect, guests will have an instant impression of their drink before they’ve even tasted it.

“I designed this menu to reflect the wonderful, spirited, chaotic dance that brings the canvas of our world to life. Much like the journey from light to dark, with every combination of colors in between, this unique seasonal offering sheds a light on the simple complexity of the brilliant of a ray broken into pieces and then pieced back together again,” says Tubridy.

The 10 curated cocktails offered on the Le Prism menu include:

Magic Eye:

Sometimes when we stare too closely at something, we lose sight of the bigger picture. Only by embracing the blurriness of the details and slowly pulling back do we finally unlock the clarity of the whole image. 


Light pierces through a foggy window and touches our eyes with a familiar warmth. The smell of coffee wafts through the air and the city begins to awaken around us. Once more, we leave the dreamworld behind for the mystery of a new day. 


Solar rays dance upon an invisible forcefield high above the Earth, a mesmerizing display of blue, green and purple performers. No longer captives to space yet not inhabitants of this world either, these lights are destined to exist in an ethereal limbo, serving as a reminder that the beauty of our planet is illuminated by distant visitors.

Rainbow Blues

Like any lasting memory, rainbows are both joyful and melancholy, for even the most perfect moments in life are meant to pass. It’s best not to chase their beginning or end, or aim to recreate them, but rather appreciate them for the fleeting gifts they are and wait patiently for the next to arrive. 

Full Fractal

Patterns hidden within patterns, a mathematical repetition that somehow never becomes predictable. A familiar flavor grabs you by the hand and pulls you down the rabbit hole, inviting you to embrace familiarity until it becomes a stranger, surprising you at every turn.


Thirst and heat, fatigue, and exhaustion; our senses begin to betray us, making us ask what is real and what is imagination? The desert can be a magician, tricking us into seeing not what’s really there but perhaps only what we want to see. Is it a cruel trick or just motivation to keep us walking forward?

Luz Negra

Dusk has arrived, and the treble of sunlight has turned into bass, thumping like a heartbeat under the streets. The sound of electronic music fills the space around us like an ocean of wavelengths and black lights turn the ordinary into the extraordinary like a switch, allowing every color to jump out of the darkness. 


After a lifetime of sharing its light, the star finds itself with nothing left to give; its innumerable rays now time capsules traveling throughout the universe. Too big to be sustainable, the pressure drops and the star collapses, but not without one last spectacular show. 


The day nears its end and active eyes begin to feel heavy with a new collection of memories; the dreamworld calls again. It’s fitting that we dream in the dark because what cannot be seen can only be imagined, and what can be imagined can be brought to life. Shadows are simply the reflection of a reality just out of sight.

To view the Le Prism cocktail menu, please visit https://www.baccarathotels.com/dining/bar