Easter at Francis Ford Coppola's Palazzo Margherita

Easter at Francis Ford Coppola's Palazzo Margherita
So why not start planning your Easter trip this year to The Family Coppola Resorts' Palazzo Margherita in Basilicata, one of Italy's most unspoiled regions, where culture, food and wine remain authentic and untouched by modern tourism? Set in the charming town of Bernalda, the birthplace of Francis Ford Coppola's grandfather, Palazzo Margherita's palatial rooms and suites, delicious cuisine, endless amenities and top-notch hospitality are so divine that some visitors choose never to venture beyond the Palazzo walls.

This special 6-day Easter itinerary (3/24-3/29) offers guests plenty of opportunity to explore both the Palazzo and the surrounding countryside. Learn traditional Easter recipes in the Palazzo's warm dine-in kitchen, watch classic Italian movie screenings in the Salon, visit the local Marta Museum, savor delicious meals at traditional Basilicatan trattorias, take part in an Easter egg hunt through the Palazzo's sprawling gardens and enjoy guided explorations of the nearby towns of Taranto, Craco and Matera (an UNESCO World Heritage Site that was recently selected as a European Capital of Culture for 2019).

Most exciting of all, guests can participate in the preparation of the classic Southern Italian barbecue of Pasquetta (Easter Monday), the culmination of Holy Week and traditionally the first spring outing of the year where Italians head out to parks and nature reserves to picnic.

The cost of the entire package is Euro 940* per person. To request the full itinerary or more information, please contact coppolaresorts@42west.net.

Visit website: www.thefamilycoppolaresorts.com