6 Easy Grounding Techniques for Managing Travel Anxiety

6 Easy Grounding Techniques for Managing Travel Anxiety

It can be hard to get a grip on anxiety -- but that's what grounding is for. Here are a handful of great ways to quell anxiety in minutes.

Do you suffer from anxiety? If so, you're not alone—millions of people worldwide struggle with anxiety daily. And if you're like many people, your stress tends to increase when you're traveling. But, whether it's your first time traveling or you've been doing it for years, these six grounding techniques will help manage your anxiety and make your trip easier!

6 Grounding Techniques for Anxiety

1. Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is an ancient technique that continues to work wonders. To make the most of this super-simple technique, you must slowly inhale and exhale, filling your lungs with as much oxygen as possible on your inhale.

For some people, it helps to think "in" and "out" as you take in and release your breath. Voicing your actions in your mind as you do them is particularly helpful if your anxiety attack includes feelings of derealization.

2. Movement

There's a reason so many people try to "run away" from their feelings of anxiety -- leaving a location if they start to feel anxious. Why? It's because movement is a great way to ground yourself.

Movements such as stretching, jumping up and down, neck and shoulder rolls, arm windmills, and jogging in place can bring your focus back to your body and away from anxious thoughts or feelings.

If you can't do anything so grand, you may choose to jog your foot up and down or tap your fingers. Open and close your fists, twiddle your thumbs, or wiggle your toes.

3. 5 Senses Check

Another modern method of grounding is taking in all of your five senses.

Look around you. What are 5 things that you can see? That you can hear, taste, smell, and touch?

With this technique, you can count five things for each of the senses or work backwards from five, finding four, then three, and so on.

4. Playing A Game of Categories

Sometimes one of the best ways to get your mind off something unpleasant is by putting it to work. Try playing the categories game!

Pick a random category and name as many things as possible that fit into it. For example, you might choose sports. You'd then list out as many sports as you could think of. This technique can be done mentally without words or out loud -- whichever works best and is most comfortable for you.

5. Visualization

Visualizing your favorite place, person, food, animal, or ride at a theme park can be helpful when it comes to reducing feelings of anxiety. By visualizing or describing out loud your favorite thing, you're reinforcing positive emotions and connections and taking your mind off your stress.

6. Water

Tactile experiences are great for anxiety reduction. If you can, find some water and run your hands under it or put them in it. Think about the temperature -- is it hot or cold? Is it running in a stream or standing still and swooshing under your touch? Use your hands to make a cup and play with the water.

You may feel silly, but it's better than feeling anxious.

Final Thoughts

Grounding techniques are excellent coping mechanisms for anxiety attacks, anxious thoughts, and unwanted feelings. They can be as simple as breathing in and out or as interactive as running your fingers through water or jumping up and down.

The best part is that you don't have to stick to just one. Feel free to use any of the above techniques or create your own.