Eco-Friendly Luxury Vacation Homes on the Market Now

Eco-Friendly Luxury Vacation Homes on the Market Now

Luxury home buyers are requesting sustainable home features more than ever before, and developers are responding by bringing more sustainable, luxury housing options to the market—even vacation homes. With Earth Day approaching on April 22, here are some of the world’s most luxurious eco-friendly homes on the market right now.

The Reserve Villas at Rock House – Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

The Reserve Villas at Rock House, the most luxurious collection of residences at Grace Bay Resorts’ newest low-density residential resort, soar 95 feet above sea level on the northern coast of Providenciales, and are designed to ensure a low environmental impact. Coast Architects are implementing design features like sustainable limestone feature walls using the repurposed material from the cliffs below, grey water harvesting and maximum use of natural ventilation. The chic two- to four-bedroom villas will emphasize the surrounding natural landscape and promote indoor/outdoor living through private swimming pools, spacious courtyards and lush outdoor shower gardens. What’s more? During construction, Grace Bay Resorts built an onsite nursery to protect the local flora, to be replanted once construction wraps.

Turnberry Ocean Club Residences, Residence 5004, The Sky Villa – Sunny Isles, FL

For Fanny Haim, an award-winning interior designer who is creating a Sky Home at Turnberry Ocean Club Residences, luxury means having a direct connection to nature. The design team behind this multi-million-dollar home chose to implement raw pieces made from natural materials instead of conventional mass-produced furniture. The residence is grounded by a statement floor-to-ceiling wall of charred black wood, a Japanese furniture-making practice called Sho Sugi Ban. The indoor bar furniture is made from uneven pieces of marble, untouched and imperfect. The massive outdoor terrace is designed with sleek teak wood and lava stone flooring that leads to a natural herb garden 50 stories high in the air.

Roatán Prospera Residences – Roatán, Honduras

Envisioned by Zaha Hadid Architects, Roatán Prospera is an eco-friendly village being developed on the island of Roatan, Honduras, specifically designed with the climate, terrain and culture of the region in mind. The residences are modular by design and feature sustainable timber sourced from certified forests on the Honduran mainland. The village has a special system in place to ensure that all parts of the logs are used to minimize waste and pollution, thus reducing the overall carbon footprint of the development. To maximize natural sustainability techniques, the units are also designed to be self-shading and open toward a fresh sea breeze for natural cooling while water can also be removed from the atmosphere via dehumidification when required. The homes are self-sufficient thanks to special canopies that double as solar power systems and trap UV rays to generate renewable energy.

Itz’ana Resort & Residences – Belize

At the intersection of the rainforest and the reef in Southern Belize, the residences at Itz’ana were created based on “mission-driven luxury,” only utilizing materials that abide by regulations that protect the local forests. During development the homes’ connection to nature and the surrounding town was elevated through the incorporation of locally sourced materials, handcrafted decorations and furniture from local artisans. The carbon-neutral villas offer advanced water-conserving mechanisms and the option to add solar energy production technology, while maintaining natural ventilation through spacious outdoor living areas terraces.